Thursday, March 20, 2014

On This Day In History...

History.  Ugh.  That word makes it seem like something happened a long time ago.  It really wasn't that long ago.  It did happen last century but considering that we are only in year 2014, that's really not that long ago either.  It just sounds like it is.  When it's not.  You have no idea what I'm talking about.  Hang in there, I'm going to tell you.  Some very special things happen on March 20th.  

Firstly, Spring sprung today.  At least by the calendar, sorry that the weather just hasn't received the word yet.  Perhaps if the Sun wasn't hawking Jimmy Dean Sausage on TV, he could find the time to do his first and most important job - HEATING THE EARTH.  

Secondly, today is the day we find out whether our first grandchild will be a grandson or a granddaughter.  That is all contingent on if this new little person is camera shy or not.  Weird that my next door neighbor will be the FIRST ONE to know, seeing how he is the ultrasound tech.  (I made those cupcakes for my friend last year at this time.  Here's the link to how I did.)

Thirdly, my BFF Kelli of Pretty Painted Things & Other Things That Make Me Happy is celebrating HER birthday today!!  Yay, yay, AND YAY!!  If you don't know Kelli, you are missing out.  She is the most generous person I know.  She's funny, creative, giving, loving, a great mom & wife, a superb friend, an all around standout among us human beings - she is my friend and I'm proud to call her that.

In honor of her birthday, I am throwing a Furniture Flippin' party in her honor.  Well, not really.  I'm here in Illinois and she is in Tennessee.  But, what I will do is show off one her beautiful furniture flips!  And it is so pretty, too!  Here's what she started is definitely on the masculine side.  Kelli said she bought it from a guy, too.  She took it home and had to pry the handles off of it.  They were almost all broken and she couldn't find replacement parts.  She began searching for replacement ones while still unsure what color she would paint this piece until...
...she found these awesome handles.  The color was to be pink. 

Kelli did two appliques on this piece and added one resin applique to the top of the mirror.   

She lined the drawers with a Paris themed paper.  

Every step of this makeover was exactly as it was meant to be.  This formerly masculine chest of drawers no longer holds the belongings of a man.  It was purchased by a young couple decorating a sweet nursery for the baby girl that they are expecting.  Now it holds pretty pink and frilly things.  Isn't that a nice ending for it? 

Check out this piece from top to bottom...

Great job Kelli!

Kelli is one of the busiest people I know.  In addition to her furniture makeovers, she is always cooking, baking, sewing and most importantly, home-schooling.  I'm telling you she is amazing.  

She is currently holding a raffle in order to raise funds for a mission trip to Bolivia that she, her husband and 8 others from her church will go on this summer.  For a minimum donation of $10, your name will be entered into a drawing to win one of these quilts she made. 
You can read more about it and donate here if you'd like to help.  (What a fun birthday gift it would be for her!)   

You can find Kelli on her Pretty Painted Things & Other Things That Make Me Happy Facebook Page.  It's a really lovely page that offers so much to see, including fabulous recipes.  Head on over and tell her Happy Birthday!  You can also check out this desk Kelli did, this dresser, this awesome Zentangle-inspired chair, this bedroom set, this desk, and this china cabinet.  Now, I'm busted!  I confess when I'm in a pinch because I don't know how to manage my time better I whine to Kelli and then steal from her for content on this blog. 

Happy Birthday Kelli!  I love you dearly!  May today be as special as you are.  

Thanks so much dear readers for being a part of this special day and for being a part of this blog.  Your participation in it, through your furniture flips you've submitted, your readership, your emails and friendship really means a lot to me.  I'm so glad you are a part of Furniture Flippin'.
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie 


  1. Paints furniture, cooks and makes rag quilts. I think this woman and I may have been separated at birth. ;) LOVE the color. Pink is ALWAYS a good idea, in my world.

  2. Happy Birthday Kelli, and what a beautiful flip!

  3. Very beautiful piece and just perfect for a nursery.

  4. Quite the lovely transformation. Great job Kelli! Happy Birthday to you!


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