Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Talking Red...

I've given you all an insight into how I operate this blog in the past.  I usually don't know what piece of furniture I am going to feature until I sit down to write the next day's blog post.  I have no plan.  No Furniture Flippin' plan in place that is.  However, a zombie apocalypse plan I do have!  Lucky Dylon from The Upcycled Cupboard just earned himself a spot in our survival group, too!  That's right young man, YOU are the next member of our group.  You better study up with your dad before you meet up with us should the day ever come to put the plan in action or else you run the risk of becoming a tripper.  I'd hate to see that happen when you are so full of talent.  
Let's take a look at what 20 year old Dylon did to this buffet.  Check it out in the before picture.  That's the picture that Dylon was sent by the seller along with an asking price of $30.00.  Well, Dylon didn't hesitate to buy that.  (Just like you can not hesitate to take down a walker Dylon.  They are not your friends!  Don't pull a Lizzie on me or I will go all Carol on you!)

Dylon mixed up some paint using Webster's Chalk Paint Powder.  He mixed it with Valspar's LaFonda Antique Red for the body of the buffet and Valspar's Lincoln's Hat Black for the top.  He followed that with Valspar's Antiquing glaze.  For the final coat, Dylon applied Fiddes & Sons Clear Wax.  

Let's take a look at the beautiful after of this buffet...

That is gorgeous.  It's quite the statement piece.  I love how the glaze brings out the details and the color combination is perfect.  (That jar in the picture looks familiar...Dylon do you know where Beth is?)  

Alas, this piece is not available for sale because it already sold!  You can see more of Dylon's work on The Upcycled Cupboard's Facebook page.  He is located in Windsor, Virginia.  Head on over there and let him know you saw him on Furniture Flippin'!  

Thanks so much Dylon for sharing your awesome furniture flip and for talking The Walking Dead with me!  We'll catch up next Monday and go over the next episode.  It's a gettin' good!!

Dear readers, you've been slacking on your "What Would You Do?" pictures!  Send them in!  What are you waiting for?  Email me at with a picture of a piece of furniture you want to flip.  I'll show our group of furniture flippers and they'll make their suggestions.  You can take their advice or ignore them.  What you HAVE to do though is follow up with me later and send me a pic of what you DID end up doing.  That sounds easy enough, right?  All except the having to do the actual work, huh?
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie


  1. Love love love the red....beautiful color making a definite statement! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Isn't it gorgeous Judy? He has a lot more beautiful pieces he has done on his Facebook page. :-)

  2. Dylan is a wonderful guy and his family is totally awesome! His work is gorgeous!!


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