Thursday, February 11, 2016

For The Love Of It...

Here is what is on my mind this morning:  "Grey's Anatomy" is back on tonight.  (About dang time!)  I'm so glad they moved their time to 7pm this season.  (Us old people like to be in bed early!) My sister said that the cast of "The Walking Dead" will be on "Inside The Actor's Studio" tonight, so I have to remember to DVR that.  My honey's Valentine's Day gift should be arriving today.  First and foremost on my mind?  Will I ever find the piece of furniture that will work as a coffee bar for the chalkboard wall in Zach & Becky's apartment?  Have you ever been on the hunt for just the right item for a certain spot in your house?  Sometimes the hunt seems to last forever.

Our Furniture Flipper Annette Bucklyn Miner knows how that it.  She was looking for a piece to repurpose into a small bar.  It also had to fit a specific space.  Lucky for her she found this Secretary Desk.  It only measures 27" wide and it was the perfect size she needed.   

Annette scraped the dated gold grid off of the glass and removed the inside cubby.  (I despise painting cubbies!  I'm sitting at a desk right now that has a cubby and I had to paint that thing twice because I hated the first color I used so much.  Come to think of it, I think my handsome handy husband finally finished it for me.)

Annette and her husband spend their winters in Florida.  She was looking to achieve a coastal & beachy feel with this piece.  She painted it a light gray and then did a whitewash over it all.  

The inside was painted using American Paint Company's Surfboard.

I love that color.  Nice and delicately light.  It goes together well with the exterior.  


So there would be no mistaking what the new purpose of this Secretary is...(no getting coffee for the boss anymore, she'll be serving drinks!), Annette added an invitation to the party on it, by painting "The Bar" on the outside of the slant top desk door.  

Once that door is opened, you see the real party begins.  The bar "Is Open". 

Annette also painted some fun numbers to each of the three drawers.

As you can see, it fits that little wall perfectly and it also holds it's liquor very well, too! 

Well done Annette!  Annette says she just flips furniture for herself and her family. Someone once said to her "only do it for love, 'cause when you start charging money they start bitchin'".  Annette writes, "Sometimes I totally reinvent a piece and sometimes it's just painting and changing hardwareI've made kitchen islands out of maple buffets and outside potting benches out of old doors. All because I love doing it!"

Thanks so much for sharing your furniture flip Annette!  We'd love to see what else you've done.

Dear readers, you don't have to flip furniture for a profit to be featured here.  If you have a piece of furniture that you've made over, let's see it!  Email me before/after photos and info you'd like to share to  Your flip might inspire another person!  

See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie   


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Vanity Tables, Valentine's Day and A Lady Named Vonda...

Sesame Street called and they said today is brought to us by the letter V.  

I'm flippin' off the camera with the wrong finger.
Did you know my nickname used to be Sesame?  I probably told you once.  My first boyfriend when I was four years old couldn't say Stephanie and always called me Sesame.  That's okay because I couldn't say his name and instead of it coming out as Christopher, it came out as Kissifer.  My two older sisters and younger brother would call me Sesame because I loved Sesame Street.  They would sing a song "Sesame lives on Sesame Street, doo-dah, doo-dah" to torment me.  In return they were known as Baa-Baa Black Sheep (Becky), Lee Ann Pee Pan (Lee Ann) and Mikey Pikey Sat On A Trikey (Michael).  Later we would tease Michael even further by singing "Happy Tasting Apple Jacks" whenever we wanted to bug him.  He knew what we meant by singing that jingle.  We knew what we meant.  Our parents did NOT know that "Happy Tasting Apple Jacks" really meant "Hailey, Tiffany, Amber, and Jennifer" - the four little girls in the neighborhood we would tease him about.  Sneaky sisters we were!

On to a lady named Vonda.  Today we are going to visit Vonda of Antiqued With Love based in Gilbertown, Alabama.  When Vonda decided to purchase this vanity after seeing it advertised for sale she was too late.  Another person had offered to buy it.  As luck would have it, that sale fell through and Vonda had it in her possession.  

The vanity had it's issues but nothing that Vonda hadn't seen before.  She decided to do a paint/stain combo on it.  She sanded it down, primed it, and painted two coats of Valspar Signature Latex Satin in Lovely Bluff on the body.  Then she distressed it and dark glazed it to give it an antiqued look .  For the top she stained it Java gel stain and then sealed it with polyurethane.

This color combination really looks good on this piece.  See for yourself...
Beautiful.  Let's look at a couple of more pictures...

Alas, this vanity sold before she even finished it's transformation so if you were hoping your honey would buy it for you for Valentine's Day, you are out of luck.  

Speaking of Valentine's Day, it seems like just yesterday that my own honey and I traveled all over the countryside looking for a vanity table to redo for me as a Valentine's Day gift.  It was one of our first flips together.  When we were finished, my husband wanted to be sure I would always remember how much he loved me, if I ever felt like clobbering him with the chair.  (Would I do that?  He wrote me this sweet message on the bottom of the chair.  We still laugh about it and I have yet to pick it up and swing it at him.  We completed that flip four years ago today!  It's a sweet memory and I'm grateful for the hard work that went into that.  
Even more recently, as our vanity table now has it's own little alcove to sit in.  Yes, we measured the vanity and planned the closets my husband built on either side of it.  (You gotta love living in an old home that literally only has (had) one closet in the entire house.)  Forgive the picture, it's a hard room to photograph with a cellphone.  
Let's talk about Vonda again.  You've seen her work here before.  (Get your flip in so we can see your work here, too!)  Three times previous to be exact!  (See readers, you can submit more than one flip and be featured more than one time!)  We saw her sweet Owl chest of drawers.  

And another vanity table...

and a beautiful china cabinet.  She takes a lot of pride in her work and it shows.

Thanks so much Vonda for sharing your gorgeous vanity!  You can find Vonda on her Antiqued With Love Facebook page.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'!

Three flips down, two more to go this week  Will yours be one of them?
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chairs To A Job Well Done!

It's Two-fer Tuesday!  That's right.  Today you are being treated to not just one, but two flips!  And are they ever good ones!  If you know me at all, you know I hate working on chairs.  Hate it.  Dislike it even more than I dislike French Provincial furniture.  (Though you Furniture Flippers have shown me some pretty spectacular FPF flips and I've softened a bit on the style because of you.)  Well, today we get to sit back and watch the outcome of another's hard work on a couple of "seen better days" chairs.

We're heading to Florida and checking in with Amanda of Reloved Home Designs.  Long time readers (those before my almost two year hiatus) might remember Amanda from her other appearances on the blog.  The first time we met her she had updated a cabinet she found for $20. The next time we stopped in she had made over a chair that still brings them into the blog.  (Seriously, it was a high traffic source just yesterday.) This time Amanda was on the lookout for a chair to complete her daughter's bedroom makeover when she found this chair on a local yard sale page.  She kept putting this one off because she felt a little intimidated by it.  She had upholstered dining room chairs many times, but never attempted an entire upholstery job like this chair would require.  After finishing up all of the other pieces for the room the time had come.  She couldn't put it off any longer.  

Amanda writes, "My daughter is an aspiring famous writer, which was the inspiration for the first piece of fabric.  Her color scheme for her room is a creamy white, burgundy and black.  I painted it in Annie Sloan Old White.  I clear waxed it and dark waxed the details to make them pop."

Amanda contracted with Loomcraft to sew the cushion piece and then she did the rest of the upholstering.  

Readers - be ready.  If you are standing then you might want to pull a chair close to catch you when you swoon at the sight of this completed chair.  It's beyond words beautiful.  Ready?

And now the back of it...

Don't you love it?  I do!  I want her daughter to tire of it and sell it to me!  Amanda jokes that this beautiful chair now resides in her daughter's room where it is spending it's days holding her clean laundry.  

Which reminds me, every time I see a used exercise bike or treadmill for sale, I wonder why the seller doesn't market it differently.  I mean, who are we fooling?  It's going to end up as a place to hang your clothes in a few weeks, so sell it that way!  Geesh...while we are at it, the Super Bowl 50 commercials were horrible and I'd fire the ad agencies that wrote them and hire me for next year!  I could do a better job. 

On to Flip #2!  Inspired by the gorgeous handiwork she achieved on the "Writer's Chair", she was eager to start another one.  Along came an old guy named Ethan Allen.  She found him on Craigslist where he had placed an ad looking for someone to take him home.  

Amanda's first stop after purchasing him was Loomcraft to find some inspiring fabric to set this makeover in motion.  This took hours.  I can totally understand that, looking at every last piece of fabric.  Yesterday I was heading out to the store.  My husband usually goes with me shopping.  He thought about staying home this time.  "Do you want me to go with you?", he asked.  "Well, let's put it this way.  I'll spend more money if you don't go with me.", I replied.  That sealed the deal.  He went with me.  Eh, it was only groceries and I had a categorized list with me organized by section that I was determined to stick to.  (What can I say?  I like his company.) 

Amanda chose a floral fabric first and then from there chose her complementing pieces of fabric.  Once home, she placed the fabric on her color chart to determine a chair color.  She wound up using a color mix that someone else created and had named Vintage Kitchen.  It's a mix of Annie Sloan Antibes Green, Old White and French Linen.  She paid Loomcraft to sew the cushion while she went to work on the chair.  

Okay, are you ready for the second reveal?  Here we go!

And the back...

I'm in love with that one, too!  I think Amanda has made me change my opinion about the possibility of working on more chairs.  If they were to turn out even half as good as hers have, I'd be happy.  Beautiful work Amanda!  

You can find Amanda in her Reloved Home Designs Etsy shop as well as on her Facebook page.  You are going to want to follow her page.  She does amazing work.  You will be inspired.  Or intimidated, which in that case, just buy what she has finished!  You know it'll be good and you won't have to be stressed out.  

Two days of flips down and three more to go this week!  Get your flip in!  Email me at .  
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie

Monday, February 8, 2016

One Door Closes...

...and another one opens.  And, still another one languishes outside with his buddy against a wall not doing a gosh darn thing.  (I know some guys like that, too.)

Well, that's about to change!  Because Joanne from Funky Junk Home Decor in Newfoundland has a hold of you now and she has a deadline to meet!

Our heroine Joanne entered a local magazine's upcycling contest However, her dad fell ill and she missed the deadline by 12 short hours.  Not one to let that stop her, the project she had intended to enter went forward anyway.

(Who needs to win a stinkin' contest anyway?  I know you're a winner Joanne!  You don't need a magazine to tell you that.  Now the entire universe will know!)

Hehehe...I can hear a conversation taking place right now..."Who does this Stephanie on this little blog think she is?  Does she really think she has the eyes of the entire universe reading her blog?  She must be mad out of her mind!  I think maybe she's hitting the bottle!"  Well, let me tell you MOM!  Maybe I do!  Just maybe I do!  Would that be so hard to believe?  Just kidding.  My mom doesn't read the blog. 

Joanne took the door & headboard and set about transforming them into the ultimate upcycled piece.  She cut the headboard in half to use as the sides.   

For the seat she used an old board that was too damaged on one side to do much else with.  Never fear - underside it went!  Unless you are up under that chair dusting you're never going to notice that.  (Because let's face it, who has time to dust under their furniture?  Not me!  Maybe you do, and if that's the case, come on over!  I've got a whole houseful of furniture with your name written all over it in dust.)  

My Matthew
Oh!  That reminds me!  I have to tell you about a few weeks ago when I asked my 14 year old son to dust the dining room furniture.  I call it Teen Lesson #1 For 2016 - if your mom asks you to dust then do it correctly without complaint. Why? Because if you give attitude you will find yourself assigned a different job, in another room, that has a door that can be closed so your complaints can't be heard. Such was the scenario on that day. The end result? Mom did the dusting. The teenager? He had to thoroughly clean the bathroom - toilet, tub, sink, mirrors, floor, woodwork, etc. Lesson learned. 
As Matthew Saw Me When He Was 7

Some days dear readers its so much fun to be the Mom!

Back to the flip.  Joanne painted this with Country Chic Paint in licorice and added a few hooks plus a place to pin notes and photos.  

Check it out!
Isn't that great?  Knock, knock!  Who's there?  A door.  A door, who?  A-door-iable that's who!  Because it is!  It's both fun and functional!  

I love it!  Thanks so much Joanne for sharing your upcycled furniture flip!  I agree with Joanne that it makes a great entry piece.  Might I suggest that it would also be a great place to write, "You're Grounded" when your kids come home late one night.  It'd be the first thing they see when they walk in the door.

You can find Joanne on her Funky Junk Home Decor Facebook page.  There you will also get to see much more of her awesome talent on display.  She also has a store in Newfoundland and their grand opening was this past weekend!  She is also not only a user, but she's a dealer of Country Chic Paint, too.  Go check her out.  Tell her you saw her on Furniture Flippin'. 

This week is off to a great start.  Have you submitted your flip yet?  We have some wonderful ones coming your way this week.  If you'd like to share your furniture flip, just email me at .  Before/after pics and all of the info you'd like to share.  
Have a great Monday!
~ Stephanie 

Friday, February 5, 2016

To Grandmother's House We Go...

I thought I knew how I was going to approach this post today.  You see, when I get a flip submitted to me, I like to check out the subject I'm writing about.  They have taken their time to share their hard work with me and I want to write the best possible piece on them.  My longtime readers know, I interject a bit of my own life into each post, too.  To do that, I look for something about them, or their website, or their flip that sparks something in me.  Today I am introducing you to Tarah of Grandma's House DIY.

I visited her blog and started to construct Tarah's piece in my head while simultaneously singing "Happy Together" and replying to a text my husband sent me. (I'm an awesome multi-tasker.) It was coincidental to me that her name is Tarah Lynn because last night I was part of a group text message from my niece Tara Lynn.  My niece just purchased her first home and is excitedly making it her own.  She is enjoying it so much.  I am one of the Aunts she is keeping updated as she decorates her home.  Reminiscent of the time when Tara was the first child of the next generation to arrive on the scene, and we would all watch her twirl in circles and sing for us grownups, we are watching her as she takes this journey of first time home owner and delighting in every decorating decision she makes.  You've met Tara at least once before on this blog.  So, when I saw Tarah's blog I thought I would correlate the tale of two Tara(h)'s.

Then I read her blog further and not just one thing resonated with me, but so many other things did as well.  I think this is why we fall in love with a blog.  We connect with the author.  We see similarities of ourselves in them.  Yes, we may be total strangers but once we read what they are sharing we relate to them.  

Tarah's Grandma's House

Tarah and her guy Joe are renovating her grandparent's farmhouse.  It is the house her grandparents called home and where her mother was raised.  They have graciously opened the doors to this house and let us follow along.  

Presley and Ma
While reading of Tarah's Grandma's house, I think of my own house.  Here my three siblings and I were raised and this is where I raised (raising) my own three children.  I may still be in the "mom" category with one child at home, but I also became Grandma Steffie almost 18 months ago.  Which means in young Presley's eyes, this is now "Grandma's house" or "Ma" as he calls me.  My hope is that Presley will have fond memories of the times he has and will spend here visiting "Ma & Pa".  I also wouldn't mind if he took whatever furniture of mine that may end up as his and puts his own spin on it.  (Presley, about the house - don't swap out our big windows with smaller versions.  Don't get rid of the clawfoot tub.  It's original!  Keep the integrity of the outside & remember Ma's rule on shutters.  Or, I'll haunt you.  Well, I'll be doing that anyway.)

Jack's Grandparents, his mother, and aunt.
So many special feelings are tied to our grandparents.  I correspond with my friend's 80 year old uncle Jack.  His late grandparents built the house we own and they raised their 9 children here.  Jack has many fond memories of being here as a child and an adult.  He shares stories and pictures of this place with me.  I now treasure his memories as well as my own.  I'll have to tell you someday what I have learned about our house.  I find old homes and their stories fascinating.  

Photo Courtesy of Grandma's House DIY
While "Grandma's House" makes up two-thirds of the title of the blog, we mustn't forget the DIY part.  The house is not the only thing that is featured on their blog.  Tarah writes, "By the spring of 2013 I had lost both of my grandmas and had a garage full of ancient furniture and so much sadness I could barely breathe. It seemed there was only one thing for me to do: I started refinishing every last piece."  These pieces are featured as well.   

Today, we will take a look at this old radio cabinet.  Tarah said she knew what she wanted for her kitchen.  Her list of wants were a red kitchen island with a butcher block top and it had to be on wheels.  It took her awhile to figure out this would fit the bill.  

Many times, I have been sent a picture of a similar radio cabinet as a "What Would You Do?" feature on our Facebook page.  They all have the same thoughts that Tarah had, "If you stand it against a wall it is either useless as a shelf or you have to face the prettiest part of the whole piece to the wall."  

Tarah went to work transforming this into her ideal kitchen island.  It would serve as a work station and also house her cookbook collection.  She sturdied the piece up, painted it the red she wanted, added a base, a butcher block top and then wheels.

Here's the back...

and take a look at the front.

You can read all of the steps Tarah took on her Grandma's House DIY blog.  

While you are there, please read the story of her grandparents.  So sweet.  What a wonderful way she is honoring them.  

There are a LOT of tips and tutorials on their blog.  You will find yourself spending some time there.  Don't say I didn't warn you!  Head over to her Facebook page and let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin' too! 

Thanks so much Tarah for sharing your fantastic furniture flip!  It's also a great new use for an old object.  I will see you on Twitter lady!

That wraps up another week of Furniture Flippin'.  What do you think about that?  See!  I was true to my word.  I'm back and I just delivered 7 new furniture flips to prove it!  There will be five more next week.  If you haven't submitted yours yet, please email me before/after pics and all the details you'd like to share to .

If you have already submitted your flip, please know I've seen it and I'm not ignoring you.  I get a lot of them.  It takes me awhile to feature everyone.  So, don't get mad at me.  Your number will be up soon.  I seldom know more than a day ahead of time, who I will feature next. You can always touch base with me again, too, if you have something special going on (sales event or if it's your birthday).  Until then...
Have a great weekend!
~ Stephanie