Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wife Swap - Furniture Flippin' Edition

I don't know about you, but occasionally I get sucked into a rerun of "Wife Swap".  After watching an episode or two with my handsome handy husband, I turn to him and say, "If that show was still on the air, I'd consider going on it.  However, if they chose me, what if I TURNED OUT TO BE THE WEIRD ONE?  There is ALWAYS a WEIRD one.  What if I'm her?"  He assuages my fears by stating emphatically, "Over my dead body will my wife go on that show!"  Hmmm...I guess that's the end of THAT discussion.  However, for the sake of discussion and today's blog post, if I could pick who I'd swap lives with for two weeks it just might be today's featured Furniture Flipper, Theresa of Treasures Rediscovered

Why Theresa?  Because Theresa has experience ranging from jewelry making to painting murals and now furniture flipping.  I could use her mural expertise on a dresser for my very first grandchild's nursery.  I have sketched and finagled and planned...and I haven't got very far on it.  So, if she can come here for two weeks and combine her mural skills with her furniture flippin' skills to knock that one out for me, then I can go to her house and be known as the "weird one" on National TV.  You game, Theresa?  

Until that happens Readers, I'm going to show you this flip Theresa did which began with this French Provincial chest of drawers.  Theresa painted this in Annie Sloan's Paris Gray and then accented it with Pure White

She then taped the drawers off and used a product by Paint Couture in Brilliant White to create the stripes.  

This was followed by painting the hardware silver and finally, clear waxing it all.

Just that subtle difference in sheen with the stripes makes a huge difference.  

I've said this before about hardware that has been updated with silver, it REALLY makes it stand out now.  Whereas before I would have overlooked this style of hardware, now it looks more like jewelry.  It completely sets off this piece.  (So says the lady who RARELY wears jewelry herself except for a gold wedding band and a cheap pair of earrings.)  

Let's take a look at the entire piece...

Beautiful!  Well done Theresa!  (Note to self:  find out what that is behind the last after pic.  Is that curtains?  Wallpaper?  Whatever it is, it sure is pretty!)

You can follow along with Theresa on her Treasures Rediscovered Facebook page.  She's located in North Carolina.  She began furniture flipping a little over a year ago and absolutely loves it.  From the thrill of the hunt to taking old outdated furniture and putting life back into it to the final joy of seeing someone else fall in love with it and displaying it in their own home.  (It's addicting, isn't it?)  Head on over to Treasures Rediscovered and let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks so much Theresa for sharing your outstanding furniture flip!

Okay, dear readers it's time to turn the flippin' tables on you!  I know some of you are holding out on me.  You've flipped some furniture in your lifetime.  Let's see it!  Send me the before/after pics and plenty of details to .  It's time we saw what YOU have done.  

See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"I Butter Do Something... change the color and cheap 1970's look" is what Amy from The Cobblestone Market thought when she got this armoire in her possession.

Our furniture flipper Amy was given this piece years ago by an old roommate of hers.  She said she hated everything from the "shocking butter color" to the "fakey fakey fake bamboo trim" and the "bright white paint" on the trim.  About the only thing Amy DID like about this was the storage.  There's NEVER enough storage in a home and Amy wasn't about to let go of what this armoire provided.

So, she rebuilt some of the structure, including adding doors.  Then she painted the whole piece in many layers of greens and blues until she achieved the perfect Robin's Egg Blue tone.  

Amy antiqued the whole thing with homemade brown and black glazes.  Finally, she sprayed the old hardware and added a couple of wood details with the help of Gorilla Glue.  

All in all, Amy totally changed the look of this piece from something she hated into something she adores.  It now holds center stage in her craft room.  She's had many requests to sell it but, Amy can't bear to part with it.  

I can see why.  That barely resembles it's former self.  I adore it, too!

Let's take another look at the entire completed piece...

The Cobblestone Market is located in Portage, Michigan.  Amy, her friend Sheree and sister Meghan all work together to offer vintage - repurposed - and handmade furniture and accessories for sale.  

They currently sell from their booth at Consigned Design but they also offer shipping.  

You can see more examples of their items on The Cobblestone Market Facebook page.  Head on over there, give them a "like" and let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks so much Amy for sharing your fabulous furniture flip!  

Dear readers, have you submitted a flip of your own yet?  What are you waiting for?  Send me before/after pictures and all of the details to .

See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie

Monday, April 21, 2014

She's Been Busy!

Well, this Blog's 1st Birthday party is over.  Easter is over and all of the eggs have been found.  Now it's time to get back to Furniture Flippin'.  When we last checked in with Jacqui of Porta Verde Studio she had worked her magic on a beautiful buffet and here she is with a whole new look for another one.  This one had originally been stained dark brown with a natural maple top and knobs. 

Jacqui mixed her own oil paint with tints to get a red and then did a custom oil glaze in black.  She switched out the hardware to black arts and crafts hardware from D. Lawless Hardware and this took that buffet from ordinary and dull to DROP.  DEAD.  GORGEOUS.

Check it out now...

Jacqui hits it out of the ballpark with every flip she does.  Remember these two I've showed you in the past?

Porta Verde Studio is located in Ontario.  Head on over to their website and see more of Jacqui's fabulous work.  You can also follow along with Jacqui on her Porta Verde Studio Facebook page.

Thanks so much Jacqui for sharing your beautiful furniture flip!
See you tomorrow readers!
~ Stephanie


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Furniture Flippin'!

Oh, little blog what a fun year it has been with you.  Who'd a thunk that out of a bored Midwest Farmer's daughter-in-law's need to be creative and do something that didn't require her to come up with a DIY project. Every.  Single.  Day.  You would be the result.  (WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE THAT CAN DO THAT?!?  CRAZY OVERACHIEVING BLOGGERS!  YOU'RE MAKING THE REST OF US LOOK LAZY!!)   

I tried to be a DIY blogger.  One who could be inspiring and show you neat projects and share yummy recipes.  That's not me.  No siree Bob!  Don't get me wrong.  I have my moments.  My moments when I'll be crafty.  Or do something cool.  Or bake something really good.  Who could forget my upcycled change vessel?  

Or my creative tip for dealing with leftover Thanksgiving mashed potatoes?  

In the end, it was my love of furniture combined with my love of writing combined with my tendency to be a slacker who doesn't mind others doing the lion's share of the work that all added up to become you - Furniture Flippin'.  

Through you FF I have met very talented Furniture Flippers and wonderful readers whom I adore.  (FF reminds me of Farrah Fawcett.  Which reminds me that my stepdad nicknamed me Farrah because I wore my hair like hers.  Which makes me think of the day Farrah passed away and how she was upstaged by the fact that Michael Jackson died a few hours later and the news all focused on him instead of our Charlie's Angel.)     

On this blog, I am able to whip up stories that may have something to do with the flip I'm showing our readers and may not have anything at all to do with the flip I'm showing our readers.  I can ramble and weave a story into the mix and our readers hang right in there with me, encouraging me every step of the way because they know how ones mind can work.  We're all more alike than we are different.  Plus, they all have a wonderful sense of humor.  I like that about them.  Furniture Flippin' has the BEST readers.  EVER.  

I think of this blog as my 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy minus the smut and the movie spin-off and the millions of dollars that Trilogy generated in income.  Although, I have used chains before on a flip.  (Why can grey be spelled grEy and grAy?  Always throws me when someone paints a piece grey or when I'm posting about Grey's Anatomy.)  (Great!  Now Michael Jackson's "Beat It" is in my head.  Can't he let ANYONE have their own day?)  (Because of the chain pic not the Grey's reference - perv.)

Some of the people who are out on the WORLD WIDE WEB and find themselves on this blog may not read the stories but just like to check out the flips and that's okay, too.  I want them to be inspired by the furniture.  I want them to want to go out and save a piece of furniture.  I want to show everyone THEIR FLIP when they are done so that people can see HOW FABULOUSLY TALENTED THEY ARE.  
(Gosh!  How this blogger rambles.  She sure is long winded.  I feel sorry for her poor husband if she talks that much in real life.  How come we never see a picture of her husband?)

Lest a reader has just stumbled on to this blog today for the very first time and is getting the impression that I only write and don't actually DO any Furniture Flippin' of my own, well, they'd be wrong.  Check out Steff's Stuff.  In the past year, my handsome handy husband & I have created two entertainment consoles, a triple rocking chair, furnished an apartment on the cheap, among other projects.  We are currently deep into flippin' furniture for the first member of the next generation of our family which I'll show you when it's complete.  (You can see snippets of our progress via our Facebook page.  When Steffie is working you can guarantee she'll take frequent breaks and bombard you with pics on there.)  

There is something you should know about this day, April 19th.  I chose this day one year ago to begin the blog for a reason.  It is my dad's birthday.  I felt that choosing his birthday would be good luck for the blog.  I was correct. 

Happy Birthday Dad!  You would be 74 today.  I wish you were here.  I'd make you a German Chocolate cake if you were.  I hope your party in Heaven today is a fun one!  If Farrah shows up, know that I arranged that.  Rebecca & Lee Ann had nothing to do with it.  (Hehehehe...) You are greatly missed and deeply loved Dad.  Tell my brother I miss him and give him a big hug from me.  

There you have it!  Furniture Flippin' - Happy 1st Birthday!  Here's to many more.  Here's to all of the fabulous flips we will see in the next year of your existence.  Here's to all of the phenomenal Furniture Flippers who are always on the lookout for their next flip and whose cars sit outside because they can't fit in the garage due to the stockpile of furniture.  Here's to all of our wonderful readers who make this blog so much fun. 
Thank you.
~ Stephanie

Friday, April 18, 2014

One Day I Was Feeling A Little Blue...

Okay, maybe I wasn't feeling blue, but all of the furniture I was seeing was blue.  So, I put out an SOS to all of my Furniture Flippin' friends and asked for RED.  I want red I think I said.  And red is what I received.  Today we are going to take a look at one of them I received from Traci of The Shabby Nest.  

Traci was out hunting for hitchhikers of the furniture variety when she happened upon this guy...

He was old.  He was ugly.  He looked like he had led a rough life.  He was full of it...trash that is and to top it all off - HE REEKED OF CIGARETTE SMOKE.  (I think I know this guy!  Readers, it is taking ALL of my effort not to have typed something else in there!!  ALL OF MY EFFORT.  Hehehehe...or to pop another pic in that dresser's place.  But, I'll behave.  I.  Will.  Behave.  I'm just saying though, don't we ALL know SOMEONE like that?!?)

Back to the fellow in the pic.   Traci let this guy hang out in her garage for a few months, as guys like to do.  Finally, she realized he wasn't going anywhere least not in his current condition.  So she gave him an overdue bath and cleaned him up.  

His sides were his worst feature after she rid him of his smell.  She opted to pretty him up with some beadboard.  

In my own house, beadboard is a HUGE love of mine.  Ask my bathroom walls, and my kitchen walls, ask the walls going up the stairs (look at what is hiding behind that beadboard - and yes, that carpet is gone now, too.)  While you are at it ask two of our bedrooms about their beadboard.  Don't ask the third bedroom because remember that room looks like this and needs a makeover SOON!  And, WHATEVER you do, please don't ask my handsome husband about it.  He'll tell you 1.)  My wife started painting the beadboard up the stairs and stopped 3/4 of the way through.  2.)  My wife has been talking about making over that bedroom for two years now and STILL hasn't.  
3.)  My wife has a furniture problem and YOU PEOPLE ARE FEEDING HER ADDICTION.  (I can channel my husband's thoughts really well!)

Back to Traci, patient Traci, who probably doesn't realize that Stephanie has a tendency to ramble at times and has totally sidelined the post about Traci and her dresser.  Traci went over the sides with the beadboard and worked on the drawers.  They, too, were in rough shape.  Sanding and puttying went a long way with the drawer fronts.  Traci chose Fireworks Red from American Paint Company as the color for this piece.  It's a fabulous red!  
For the top, Traci stripped it down and stained it dark walnut.

Then she chose a graphic from The Graphics Fairy and using her overhead projector she painted it on the front.  Then this was all followed with an application of dark wax.  

Let's take a gander at the finished dresser now...

Isn't that AWESOME?!?  I think it is!  What an improvement.  The dresser that Traci used to refer to as the "Scary Dresser" needs a new name because he sure isn't scary anymore.  

You can see more pictures and details on his remarkable transformation by visiting The Shabby Nest Blog.  They are located in Saint Charles, Iowa and sell their wares at the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall in Ankenny, Iowa.  You can also visit with Traci on The Shabby Nest Facebook Page.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks so much for coming through with the red and sharing your spectacular furniture flip Traci!

Readers does it surprise a single one of you that I still don't know how I am planning to mark our one year anniversary for the blog tomorrow?  It shouldn't if you have been following our blog for even the shortest amount of time.  So, I guess with that...
I'll see you tomorrow! 
~ Stephanie

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thinking Spring...

Well, here in the Land of Lincoln we have been patiently waiting on Spring to REALLY arrive.  We had a peek of summer last weekend when temperatures were in the 80's.  That was the day I went bumming around with my two youngest children looking for baby furniture AND I remembered that the A/C in the Durango DOES NOT WORK.  (That little problem is being remedied as we speak.)  However, as is common with the Midwest, Winter came back 48 hours later and brought it's friend SNOW with it!

Fear not, because though the temps may still say Winter depending on the day, I'm going to show you a flip that makes me think of SPRING!  It all began with a lady named Bridget from the blog Windgate Lane, some paint from Velvet Finishes and this little French Provincial dresser...


This dresser had seen much better days.  It was dinged up and in need of some serious help.  Bridget decided to paint her up and chose to use the color Baroque Green.

She didn't have to do any sanding or priming and the paint when on smoothly.  She complimented the green with gold.  It turned out gorgeous.  

What a difference!  You can see more pictures and check out what else Bridget has been working on by visiting her blog Windgate Lane.  She is located in Texas.  You can also visit her on her Windgate Lane Facebook page.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks so much Bridget for sharing your stunning furniture flip!

Two more days readers and Furniture Flippin' will be celebrating our first anniversary.  What does that mean?  I don't know!  I have nothing planned.  I'm a last minute lame-o person like that.  Maybe I'll run a special flip that day.  Maybe not.  Maybe it'll be your flip (if you submitted one).  Maybe not.  Maybe I'll actually get one of my own finished that day.  Probably not.  Whatever happens, you need to submit your own flip or there will be a ZERO chance of you being featured.  So, get a move on!
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stumped For Ideas?

There's something you must know about those of us in the furniture flippin' biz...we love a challenge and we love to flex our creativity.  Today's furniture flipper was able to accomplish both of those tasks with this makeover.  Say hello to Jim Conklin of The Furniture Workshop at J. H. Conklin & Co.   Jim recently emailed me with details of a fabulous vanity he had completed.  He describes it better than I can, so I'm turning the blog over to him for today.  Take it away, Jim!
 ~ ~ ~
"We were approached to source and up-cycle a piece to fit in with a bedroom makeover and to serve as a vanity: "something to play on the tension between classical/formal and trendy/upbeat."  When we saw the color board and the wallpaper sample, the ideas started popping - which was a treat because we are usually working to some fixed specification.

The wallpaper kept coming up and a silver-grey leaf pattern in the window shades.  We had just played around with a silver pearlescent finish on these stumps.  The pearl is really cool, because it gets some shimmer in the finish without being opaque - unlike a metal-flake. 

But the piece?  We looked at some Sheraton/Federal/Hepplewhite style pieces, but they just didn't suggest bedroom.  French Provincial looked promising, but kind of typical.   Then we found this...

We knew at once it was the one.  The reeded tapered legs - delicate for a bedroom.  Floral carvings.  Small drawers for vanity type stuff.  The desk was walnut with an old varnish finish.  We got the old varnish off and patched in some missing areas.  The key slots had to be filled and then drilled for knobs.  Imagine opening vanity drawers with only one key.  No good.

Building up the new finish started with a clear coat on the wood.  Someone may want to de-flip this old desk someday and we didn't want the white primer to drink into the wood.  Then came a few light coats of white primer - sanding sealer, actually, with some white pigment mixed in.  The primer gave an even background for a coat of soft grey lacquer. Then came a slightly darker grey glaze that we wiped away very thoroughly, leaving just enough to accent the ribbons and flowers and molding.  Just a bit.  You can see it in the detail picture - like a shadow.  Then a clear coat of satin lacquer with the silver pearl added.  For the glow.  For the wallpaper.

The mirrored top was a hand's down "Yes!"  And the pink acrylic knobs tied to a minor color element across the room."

Stephanie again!  Isn't that a gorgeous piece?  I love the subtle difference in color on the decorative trim pieces.  

You can find more examples of the refinishing and upholstery work that is performed by the Furniture Workshop At J. H. Conklin & Co. by visiting their websiteThey are located in the South New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia Metro Area.  You can also follow along on their adventures by checking out their Facebook page.  Let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'.   

Thanks so much Jim for sharing your wonderful furniture flip!

Dear readers, don't forget to get your flips in!  If you have a furniture makeover that you'd like to share please email me before/after photos and a lot of details to .
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie