Friday, April 18, 2014

One Day I Was Feeling A Little Blue...

Okay, maybe I wasn't feeling blue, but all of the furniture I was seeing was blue.  So, I put out an SOS to all of my Furniture Flippin' friends and asked for RED.  I want red I think I said.  And red is what I received.  Today we are going to take a look at one of them I received from Traci of The Shabby Nest.  

Traci was out hunting for hitchhikers of the furniture variety when she happened upon this guy...

He was old.  He was ugly.  He looked like he had led a rough life.  He was full of it...trash that is and to top it all off - HE REEKED OF CIGARETTE SMOKE.  (I think I know this guy!  Readers, it is taking ALL of my effort not to have typed something else in there!!  ALL OF MY EFFORT.  Hehehehe...or to pop another pic in that dresser's place.  But, I'll behave.  I.  Will.  Behave.  I'm just saying though, don't we ALL know SOMEONE like that?!?)

Back to the fellow in the pic.   Traci let this guy hang out in her garage for a few months, as guys like to do.  Finally, she realized he wasn't going anywhere least not in his current condition.  So she gave him an overdue bath and cleaned him up.  

His sides were his worst feature after she rid him of his smell.  She opted to pretty him up with some beadboard.  

In my own house, beadboard is a HUGE love of mine.  Ask my bathroom walls, and my kitchen walls, ask the walls going up the stairs (look at what is hiding behind that beadboard - and yes, that carpet is gone now, too.)  While you are at it ask two of our bedrooms about their beadboard.  Don't ask the third bedroom because remember that room looks like this and needs a makeover SOON!  And, WHATEVER you do, please don't ask my handsome husband about it.  He'll tell you 1.)  My wife started painting the beadboard up the stairs and stopped 3/4 of the way through.  2.)  My wife has been talking about making over that bedroom for two years now and STILL hasn't.  
3.)  My wife has a furniture problem and YOU PEOPLE ARE FEEDING HER ADDICTION.  (I can channel my husband's thoughts really well!)

Back to Traci, patient Traci, who probably doesn't realize that Stephanie has a tendency to ramble at times and has totally sidelined the post about Traci and her dresser.  Traci went over the sides with the beadboard and worked on the drawers.  They, too, were in rough shape.  Sanding and puttying went a long way with the drawer fronts.  Traci chose Fireworks Red from American Paint Company as the color for this piece.  It's a fabulous red!  
For the top, Traci stripped it down and stained it dark walnut.

Then she chose a graphic from The Graphics Fairy and using her overhead projector she painted it on the front.  Then this was all followed with an application of dark wax.  

Let's take a gander at the finished dresser now...

Isn't that AWESOME?!?  I think it is!  What an improvement.  The dresser that Traci used to refer to as the "Scary Dresser" needs a new name because he sure isn't scary anymore.  

You can see more pictures and details on his remarkable transformation by visiting The Shabby Nest Blog.  They are located in Saint Charles, Iowa and sell their wares at the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall in Ankenny, Iowa.  You can also visit with Traci on The Shabby Nest Facebook Page.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks so much for coming through with the red and sharing your spectacular furniture flip Traci!

Readers does it surprise a single one of you that I still don't know how I am planning to mark our one year anniversary for the blog tomorrow?  It shouldn't if you have been following our blog for even the shortest amount of time.  So, I guess with that...
I'll see you tomorrow! 
~ Stephanie

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thinking Spring...

Well, here in the Land of Lincoln we have been patiently waiting on Spring to REALLY arrive.  We had a peek of summer last weekend when temperatures were in the 80's.  That was the day I went bumming around with my two youngest children looking for baby furniture AND I remembered that the A/C in the Durango DOES NOT WORK.  (That little problem is being remedied as we speak.)  However, as is common with the Midwest, Winter came back 48 hours later and brought it's friend SNOW with it!

Fear not, because though the temps may still say Winter depending on the day, I'm going to show you a flip that makes me think of SPRING!  It all began with a lady named Bridget from the blog Windgate Lane, some paint from Velvet Finishes and this little French Provincial dresser...


This dresser had seen much better days.  It was dinged up and in need of some serious help.  Bridget decided to paint her up and chose to use the color Baroque Green.

She didn't have to do any sanding or priming and the paint when on smoothly.  She complimented the green with gold.  It turned out gorgeous.  

What a difference!  You can see more pictures and check out what else Bridget has been working on by visiting her blog Windgate Lane.  She is located in Texas.  You can also visit her on her Windgate Lane Facebook page.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks so much Bridget for sharing your stunning furniture flip!

Two more days readers and Furniture Flippin' will be celebrating our first anniversary.  What does that mean?  I don't know!  I have nothing planned.  I'm a last minute lame-o person like that.  Maybe I'll run a special flip that day.  Maybe not.  Maybe it'll be your flip (if you submitted one).  Maybe not.  Maybe I'll actually get one of my own finished that day.  Probably not.  Whatever happens, you need to submit your own flip or there will be a ZERO chance of you being featured.  So, get a move on!
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stumped For Ideas?

There's something you must know about those of us in the furniture flippin' biz...we love a challenge and we love to flex our creativity.  Today's furniture flipper was able to accomplish both of those tasks with this makeover.  Say hello to Jim Conklin of The Furniture Workshop at J. H. Conklin & Co.   Jim recently emailed me with details of a fabulous vanity he had completed.  He describes it better than I can, so I'm turning the blog over to him for today.  Take it away, Jim!
 ~ ~ ~
"We were approached to source and up-cycle a piece to fit in with a bedroom makeover and to serve as a vanity: "something to play on the tension between classical/formal and trendy/upbeat."  When we saw the color board and the wallpaper sample, the ideas started popping - which was a treat because we are usually working to some fixed specification.

The wallpaper kept coming up and a silver-grey leaf pattern in the window shades.  We had just played around with a silver pearlescent finish on these stumps.  The pearl is really cool, because it gets some shimmer in the finish without being opaque - unlike a metal-flake. 

But the piece?  We looked at some Sheraton/Federal/Hepplewhite style pieces, but they just didn't suggest bedroom.  French Provincial looked promising, but kind of typical.   Then we found this...

We knew at once it was the one.  The reeded tapered legs - delicate for a bedroom.  Floral carvings.  Small drawers for vanity type stuff.  The desk was walnut with an old varnish finish.  We got the old varnish off and patched in some missing areas.  The key slots had to be filled and then drilled for knobs.  Imagine opening vanity drawers with only one key.  No good.

Building up the new finish started with a clear coat on the wood.  Someone may want to de-flip this old desk someday and we didn't want the white primer to drink into the wood.  Then came a few light coats of white primer - sanding sealer, actually, with some white pigment mixed in.  The primer gave an even background for a coat of soft grey lacquer. Then came a slightly darker grey glaze that we wiped away very thoroughly, leaving just enough to accent the ribbons and flowers and molding.  Just a bit.  You can see it in the detail picture - like a shadow.  Then a clear coat of satin lacquer with the silver pearl added.  For the glow.  For the wallpaper.

The mirrored top was a hand's down "Yes!"  And the pink acrylic knobs tied to a minor color element across the room."

Stephanie again!  Isn't that a gorgeous piece?  I love the subtle difference in color on the decorative trim pieces.  

You can find more examples of the refinishing and upholstery work that is performed by the Furniture Workshop At J. H. Conklin & Co. by visiting their websiteThey are located in the South New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia Metro Area.  You can also follow along on their adventures by checking out their Facebook page.  Let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'.   

Thanks so much Jim for sharing your wonderful furniture flip!

Dear readers, don't forget to get your flips in!  If you have a furniture makeover that you'd like to share please email me before/after photos and a lot of details to .
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tag-Teaming It In Nashville...

We've got a tag-teaming duo in Nashville, TN and together they make up All Things Painted - Repurposed & Reinvented Furnishings.  Allow me to introduce you to Sonda and Tiffany.  The two of them are always scouting out furniture and have found themselves in some scary places in search of the next piece.  They believe (rightly so) that there is safety in numbers.  (Not to mention it's always a heck of a lot of FUN to be working with your BFF!)   With today's flip though, it wasn't so much the area it was purchased, but the sticker shock that almost scared Sonda off.  Sonda was at a flea market and this piece sat with two other pieces being offered for sale by an elderly gentleman.  The price tag of $80 initially deterred her from the purchase but as the day came to a close and the man was still sitting with his three lonely items, Sonda felt compelled to buy it and take it back to the workshop to make over.

Sonda writes, "When I got it to my workshop I wasn't happy with the restoration requirements.  Lots of wood glue, new trim board, new pulls, sanding, paint and I built shelves inside."

On this particular piece Tiffany base painted it in a yellow and then applied a custom Peacock green and a Robin's Egg blue paint over it.  Then Sonda stepped in and did the detail work.   She freehanded the silhouette painting on the door and then stenciled the wording on the bottom of the piece.  

Let's take a look at the entire wardrobe, shall we?

This piece sold within one week of being finished.  

That doesn't surprise me in the least.

You can find more wonderful examples of their work on their All Things Painted Facebook page.  Be prepared to stay there for awhile because they have some amazing pieces to show you.  In addition to the All Things Painted page, you can find Sonda's artwork on her Sonda's Easel Facebook page.  

Let's take one more look at it...

No detail was overlooked on this piece, that's clearly evident.  Just beautiful!  Head on over to their Facebook page and let Sonda & Tiffany know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks so much ladies for sharing your amazing furniture flip!

Dear readers, don't forget to get your flip in, too!  You don't have to have a furniture flippin' business to be featured.  This blog is also currently accepting your witty comments.  So get a typing!  Dull ones are welcome, too, not that I've found a dull one on here yet. 
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie 


Friday, April 11, 2014

The Charlie's Angels Of Furniture Flippin'

If you have a piece of furniture in need of rescue and you live in the Jacksonville, Florida area I have just the trio for you to call.  Say hello to Debbie, Diane and Talea...they could be The Charlie's Angels of the furniture flippin' world if it weren't for their moniker already being Vintage Sisters. (Excuse my poor rendering of a new logo for you.  I don't suggest you use it.  Someone else could do better.  Hehehe...)

Recently these three friends were presented with the challenge of transforming this sad desk.  

They chose to paint it with Valspar Signature Posh Red mixed with Paint Minerals.  This was followed by Martha Stewart Black Coffee Glaze and Maison Blanche Light Brown Wax.  For the top, they used Black Coffee Glaze with a hint of Muscavado Glaze.

Not overlooking one single feature of this makeover, they used a Paris burlap print to recover the chair as well as lining the drawers.

The new hardware was gilded in Baroque Art Antique Gold.

What a wonderful difference!  Top notch job there ladies!

Let's check out the entire piece, shall we?

I'll tell you what...I'd happily sit there and pay bills or study up on...who we kidding?  I'd happily sit there and surf the internet.  My laptop would match it perfectly, too!  

You can follow along on the adventures of the Vintage Sisters by heading over to their Vintage Sisters Facebook page.  There you will see a lot more gorgeous examples of their work.  Get over there, give them a "like" and let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks so much Debbie, Diane, and Talea for sharing your fabulous furniture flip!

That does it for this week.  I know I shortchanged you with only showing you four flips this week and not five.  I can't say that won't happen again now that the weather is finally breaking here in Illinois.  Be sure and check in with me on the weekends via our Furniture Flippin' Facebook page or Twitter.  You know I'm hard at work when I bombard you with nonstop commentary and pics on either one of those.  Hey, I take frequent breaks.  If you were here working with me, I'd make you take frequent breaks, too!  
Have a great weekend!
~ Stephanie

Thursday, April 10, 2014

She's Not Only A Dealer, She's A User, Too.

I'm tired just looking at today's flip but, I'm totally inspired, too!  You'll see what I mean in just a second.  Let's say you have an entire dining room set.  Six chairs, a table and a humongous hutch.  If you are me, it would take you a YEAR to get it done.  I didn't even have the chairs or table to do, but just a hutch and a buffet and it took me that long, however, I'm not Stacy from Diamond In The Rough.  The safe bet is this: If you are looking for a furniture flipper to revamp your dining room set and you only have me or Stacy to choose from - PICK STACY!!!  Here's the set her client commissioned her to makeover. 


Stacy's client received this set from someone in her family and it had been in storage. They had recently moved and decided to get it painted and finally use it.

Stacy likes to paint in CeCe Caldwell's Paint, Websters or MMS Milk Paint (she's a Dealer for all three - visit her online store to purchase some for yourself.)  One of the reasons she loves those products is because she HATES sanding and priming. In this case, though since it was a dining table Stacy took the extra steps.  Knowing the use this set would get, she wouldn't recommend sealing with wax.  She chose to antique it with a stain.

Stacy sanded, primed with oil based primer and painted 2 coats in Behr "Antique White".  She then broke out the sander and sanding paper and distressed it.  She antiqued it with Minwax Stain "Early American" and sealed with CeCe Caldwell's Satin.  She did 6 coats on the top of the table for EXTRA protection since her client has kids but only did 2 on the chairs.

Stacy's awesome mother-in-law reupholstered the chairs. Look at how fantastic they look all lined up in a row...
Makes you tired just looking at them, doesn't it? When I ask our Furniture Flippers what they don't like to work on - the #1 answer is chairs.  

After the work on the chairs & table was complete, Stacy moved onto the hutch.  She did the same treatment to it which also turned out completely awesome.  

Stacy was excited to get started on the hutch and skipped taping off the glass, figuring she would deal with any paint mishaps on the glass later.  BIG MISTAKE she said.  It took forever to get that paint off of the glass.  Save yourself that energy and tape it off she says.  

Look at the closeup of the detailing now...

Stick around...I have some bonus pictures coming towards the end of this post.  Get your "pin" button trigger finger ready, readers.  

Diamond In The Rough is located in Brookhaven, Mississippi.  You can follow along with Stacy on her Diamond In The Rough Facebook page.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  She's my former "cellmate" from last year when I was in Facebook Jail. 

Stacy's writes, "My customer and her husband were so happy with their set and that is what is all about!  Making pieces pretty again and making people happy make me HAPPY!"

Look at how lovely the completed set looks in it's new home sweet home...

Let's do a side by side comparison of the before & after...

Huge difference!  

Thanks so much Stacy for sharing your awesome Furniture Flip!

Dear readers, get your flip in!  What are you waiting for?  Here's your invitation.  Email me before/after pics & a ton of details to .
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

So Long To The Beer Pong...

When artist Denise Marie Saylor got her hands on this coffee table it had certainly seen better days.  It was a freebie from her daughter who also had received it for free.  Her daughter had it stored in her garage for quite awhile because of the terrible condition it was in.  Denise affectionately called it the "let's varnish while playing beer pong!" table.  

She writes, "It had oddly thick and peeling varnish with many many cup rings, or...cup dents? Anyway, I decided it was the perfect shape for the Betsy Ross table I had been thinking about doing."

After Denise stripped off the varnish (three applications and still needed lots of scraping and sanding), she applied Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite to the base and Old White to the top.  

Then she measured out the flag and painted it on top with Napoleonic Blue, Old White and Emperor's Silk.  

She searched the internet for high quality images that she could blow up and apply to the skirting around the edges.  She decoupaged the John Hancocks and the Declaration of Independence to the drawer face.  She used an image transfer technique to apply the slice of a painting of the founding fathers signing the Declaration.

Denise writes, "The handles were mailed to me from someone I didn't even know!  She saw them on a dresser on the side of the road and decided I could use them, put them in an envelope and mailed them to CA from across the country!  I was so appreciative!  I aged those awesome handles with Provence, Florence, Old White and Graphite."

To finish it up, Denise edged the table in gold gilding wax.  She used artist's acrylics to age the entire thing and sealed with two coats of Artisan Enhancements Clear Topcoat.  
How amazing is THAT transformation!  There better not be one beer pong game played on that table now!  May I ask whatever happened to people playing quarters?  That game took skill!  Pfft!  Bouncing a ping pong ball doesn't take skill!  Bouncing a quarter is a different story, although I don't recommend doing so on this table.  Even though George Washington's face is on the quarter this table has been declared independent of such childish drinking games from here on out.  

You can see more pictures of this table on Denise's Facebook page - Denise Marie Saylor Fine Arts.  This table is available for sale.  Hurry though because it won't last long.  Denise Marie Saylor Fine Arts is based in Santa Clarita, California.  Denise has been painting and drawing her entire life.  Head on over to her Facebook page and let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks so much Denise for sharing your stunning furniture flip!  

Okay, dear readers...get your flips in now before summer arrives and you all scatter outside.  Or before I run outside and can't be found.  Remember the more details the better.  Email me at .

See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie