Friday, July 26, 2013

Doodling The Day (Or, Week) Away...

...that's what my friend Kelli of Pretty Painted Things And Other Things That Make Me Happy did.  On a chair.  She doodled on a chair and turned it from sedate seating into a work of art.  Now, I'd love to show you the BEFORE picture but Kelli didn't send me one and I couldn't find one to steal from her either.  So, I have a DURING picture.  I'll show you that and then I'm turning the blog over to my weird twin but not biological sister Kelli with slight commentary from me.

Go, Kelli.  You're up...
 ~ ~ ~

"Zen"- The teaching that contemplation of one's essential nature to the exclusion of all else is the only way of achieving pure enlightenment. 

This chair is inspired by the art of my sweet friend Vicki. She's a masterful Zentangle artist- she's extremely talented.  I've seen her works, but had never tried any of it myself.  I googled it and read up on it before I started on the chair.  I found out that it's SERIOUS art.  It has to be done on certain sized paper, no erasers, pencils or rulers can be used.  I actually can't say this is a Zentangle chair.  It's like the whole paint with a chalky finish issue.  I certainly don't want to step on anyone's feet.  (Just say alkchay everyone! ~ Steff) They will allow you to say "Inspired by the Zentangle® method of pattern drawing."  Whatever you decide to say..............I doodled on a chair that I painted with paint that has a chalky finish and here it is!!  (Way to be PC Kel! ~ Steff)

The chair came along with a few pieces of furniture I bought- it was a freebie.  It had a brown wood frame and red pleather with gold studs.  (I wish we could have seen that but good description.  I can totally picture it! ~ Steff)  The little side table was a cast off from a hotel.  Basically both of these pieces of furniture could be found at any hotel/motel- sturdy, nondescript furniture.

I originally thought I would use Sharpies, but quickly found that they didn't play nice with the paint finish.  I ended up buying about 6 different kinds of permanent ink art markers with different sized tips to finish the project.  I did about 1-2 panels a day, so it took about a week to complete.  (I got play by plays of the whole project!  I should be sharing the words she actually used while doodling but I won't.  ~ Steff)

~ ~ ~

Steff again!  Here's Kelli's finished work of art...

...and some close-ups...

I'm throwing it back to Kelli now...

~ ~ ~

My husband is shaking his head at this endeavor.  (4 out of 5 husbands would and the fifth one you wouldn't want to be married to anyway.  ~ Steff)  He thinks I wasted a week of my life on a project that I won't make any money on.  Don't get onto him - He's generally supportive, but this one took longer than most pieces and is a little odd compared to a "chester draw".  I personally think it was an excellent experience.  I enjoyed creating this one of a kind piece that I haven't seen anywhere else.  It's a first, as far as I know.

This fantastic chair/table duo is headed to Murfreesboro, TN to the 2013 Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp Showcase to be raffled to help raise funds for this fantastic camp.  To find out more about the camp check out their website. 

~ ~ ~

It's ME again!  Thank Kelli!  Okay, flippin' friends, to see more of Kelli of Pretty Painted Things And Other Things That Make Me Happy check out her Facebook Page.  It's like a blog inside of a Facebook page.  It's not just about furniture.  She shares some amazing recipes, tips, pictures, and other things that will make you happy, too.  

Thanks Kelli for sharing your doodle-rific furniture flip aka Aulkchay Paint with Entanglezay.  


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  1. That is a spectacular chair. I love it. Can't say I ever heard of Zentangle Art, but I really am crazy about the chair. The table is a great complement piece.


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