Thursday, July 25, 2013

So Regal, She Should Gift It To Young Prince...

...George Alexander Louis.  That's his name!  (I totally called Alexander, I just didn't tell anyone but Triple H.)  Oh, well, it's not the royal baby who is the topic of conversation on this Thursday morning, at least not on this little blog.  Today we are going to talk about Toni Springer & her very gorgeous Armoire makeover.

Toni, her husband and family have been stationed overseas since 2003 both in Japan and now Germany.  Being outside of the U.S., she feels that she has definitely missed out on some of the interior design trends here.  She recently had a life changing experience when she discovered chalk paint  She says, "Who knew it could be so revolutionary?  Apparently everyone but me."

Toni hopped on that chalk paint train and went to work on this...

Check.  It.  Out.  See!  That looks kind of regal, doesn't it?  At least when I see the design on the doors, that's what I think.  Alas, it was showing it's age and was calling out for a little sprucing up.  Toni heeded that call and painted the Amoire in Annie Sloan's Country Grey and she used Old White for the detailing.

Now, Furniture Flippin' friends, it is with great honor that I formally introduce you to...

Isn't that SPECTACULAR?  Toni softened the look of it up and I could totally see it in Little Prince George Alexander Louis' new nursery.  As a matter of fact, I think she and I should take a road trip there to present it to them.  I get to go because it was my idea.  We'll post pictures along the way and snag a piece of silverware from their castle for you all as a souvenir.  (Hey, if Barbara Walters can lift things each time she goes to the White House, why can't we at a palace?)

Anyway, back to our friend Toni.  Now, Toni doesn't have a furniture flippin' biz, she does these flips for herself.  So, here is YOUR task for today.  You are going to bombard our friend Toni with comments of encouragement from back home.  Yes, you are.  I don't care how busy you are.  If you have time to read this, then you have time to leave a comment.  You can leave them here or you can leave them on the Furniture Flippin' Facebook page, it's your choice, but leave them.  She told me she is inspired by all of the furniture flips that have been featured here so it's only right that we inspire her to keep flippin' some more.

Thanks Toni for sharing your awesomely beautiful furniture flip.  I'll meet you at the airport.   I'll hold the door and grab the carry-on luggage, you get the armoire.  


  1. Absolutely L O V E it Toni!!!!

  2. I love this armoire and the flip performed on it! I just started playing with Chalk paint and can't wait to do something that I can make look this good. There's an auction nearby this afternoon ... maybe I can score a piece to work on. Well done, Toni!

  3. I adore this!!! Going to check out chaulk pain't this weekend!!!

  4. I adore this!!! Going to check out chaulk pain't this weekend!!!

  5. That is sooo nice! May you serve your country in peace, Toni. (Even if you are the 'dependent', that is still a great sacrifice for your country. Maybe even harder than being active duty.)

  6. The same exact colors I've been thinking of using on an amoire. Now I know I will for sure. Great job!!!


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