Wednesday, July 24, 2013

From Sewing Seams To New Extremes...

...that describes the journey this hardworking pedal-pushing machine has been on.  

Our flippin' buddy Karen from The Weekend Country Girl has been at it again.  You may recall you met Karen here before with another makeover she had performed.  Well, SHE'S BACK and (*much to the dismay of my Triple H) she has another cool furniture flip to share.  

Karen herself was inspired by another flipper's sewing machine transformation.  She pinned it and began her hunt for a sewing machine cabinet.  She lucked out and found this one for $12.12.  (Weird price, huh?) 

Here's the before shot...

What do you think about that picture?  Me thinks Karen was too eager to get started on her project that she failed to take a good before picture until they were already into it.  Actually, me don't think it, me KNOWS it because she 'fesses up to it on her blog.  That's okay.  Admit it, you take awful before pics, too.  I know I do!!  (Work on that, will ya?)

Karen enlisted the help of her own handsome handy husband and like any good man with power tools, he was determined to do this project right.  At this point, you really just need to step back, grab a glass of iced tea and let them have at it.  Am I right?  

Now, I could tell you what they did to it.  All the steps it took, but instead I'm just going to show you the end result.  Then you can make a cutting line over to The Weekend Country Girl and see it step by step with cool pictures, too.  


Isn't that the coolest??  Of course, I'm a little bias, since I love every flip we feature here.  I ADORE the bottle top opener they added.  I love everything about it.  *Triple H isn't too thrilled because he knows I KNOW where two cabinets are just like this and he knows I KNOW he has those same tools Karen's guy does.

Now, don't hem around, you dart on over to The Weekend Country Girl and check the whole project out.  If you have the notion, when you are finished there you can zigzag over and gather at her Facebook page, give her a "like" and let her know you saw her here.  Don't be stingy with the comments either readers.  I've given you three places to leave them now and we all like to interface.  I don't mean to needle you there, well, actually, I DO!

Thanks Karen aka The Weekend Country Girl for sharing your fantastic furniture flip!  Triple H says "thanks a lot pal!" to your husband, too!   


  1. Thanks for featuring my work. I am glad that you enjoyed it and thank you for shamelessly promoting my blog! I cannot wait to see your finished beverage station(s)!

  2. I love this! You did a great job on it. So cute!

  3. I love the bottle opener too! I have been collecting sewing machine cabinets for a while here to do this to (I now have 4) but this is the coolest one I have seen! Love how you did the drain idea:) nice flip... now I am off to check out your page!


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