Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Did You Hear About The Former Rockstar That Went To Rehab?

Hey, you!  Yes, you with the 8 track player, don't junk that.  There's a bunch of stuff you can do to that once you decide to upgrade your music listening experience into something from the 21st century.  Okay, okay, so maybe today's flip didn't contain an 8 track player but it's former use WAS as a stereo cabinet and I'm sure it rocked the tunes back before it retired.  Then LeAnn & Monte of Cedar Creek Woodworks got their hands on it and decided a comeback as something different tour was in order.

Here's the before shot..

It has some pretty cool details on it, don't you think?  This husband/wife furniture flippin' duo bought it at an antiques store in Texas.  LeAnn says her "super handy husband" had a vision of turning it into a cedar chest.  He gutted the inside of it, lined it with cedar and built a removable tray that sits just under the lid.  Then LeAnn stepped in and took care of prettying it up.  Using her own chalk paint recipe, she chose a pretty green paint named "Pebble Creek".  After painting, she lightly distressed it and sealed it with a dark wax topcoat.  

Here's the newly rehabbed rockstar now...

Isn't that a FANTASTIC new use for an old object?  I think so!

Check out their website to learn all about  Cedar Creek Woodworks and their passion for building and repurposing furniture.  You can also check them out on their Facebook Page, let them know you saw them here.  

Thanks LeAnn & Monte for sharing your fabulous furniture flip!

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  1. great re-use, yes. No one ever has enough storage. And, since it's probably going to be used to store seasonal stuff and one would not have to open it often, it would also be yet another surface to decorate!


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