Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dresser From Heaven

Every day little signs of Heaven happen right here on Earth.  Most days we are all just too busy to notice it.  Other days, it slaps you upside the head and MAKES you take notice.  How glorious those days are...when you get a sign and the energy that fills you up sustains you and reassures you that you are doing what you are supposed to be doing.  Have you ever felt that?  I have.  I bet you have, too.  I know Kelli from Pretty Painted Things And Other Things That Make Me Happy has.  She is lucky her sign didn't literally fall into her lap or this story would have a whole different ending to it.

Here is what Kelli writes...

~ ~ ~
We left church, heading to the drugstore for the newspaper, then home. This is the conversation in our van between my husband and I...

Me: The world feels topsy-turvy these days, uncertain. We really need to have faith that God will care for us.
Hubby: Yeah, but He's not going to drop a sandwich and money in our lap.
Me: No joke, but he gave us brains and talents to take care of ourselves. He'll provide. You just have to have faith.

About 2 minutes later and a mile from home, I saw a lady standing by the side of the road with a dresser and a piece of paper. 
"STOP! Please turn around and go back."

I asked if she was selling the desk and she said, "No, it's free. We're getting new furniture and need to make room. Do you want it?" 

Of course my answer was "Let me go home, take the seats out of my van and I'll be right back."

After we got it all loaded in the van and were driving home, I laughed and told my husband "God has a pretty funny sense of humor."
~ ~ ~
Here's the dresser that was sitting by the side of the road...
It is a nice solid piece of furniture but in person it's finish was showing it's age and years of wear.  
Kelli felt this dresser gave off a masculine vibe and decided to snaz it up with the color black.  She scrubbed the original pulls on the bottom drawers with some non-abrasive cleanser until they looked like new and opted to replace the top ones with new knobs.  
Once finished with her work, the dresser looks like this...
Isn't it gorgeous?  I love the color combo of the stain and dark paint.  The pulls really stand out now.  Kelli has an incredible eye for design and detail.  

You can see more of Kelli and her work (plus delicious recipes) on her Facebook page Pretty Painted Things And Other Things That Make Me Happy.  Be sure to click "Like" while you are there because she has some awesome posts that make you feel like you are a guest at her home.  I'm one of her biggest fans!  (Could you tell?)  

If you live in the Nashville area, you are lucky, because she sells the beautiful pieces that she creates.  Ask her about it.  

The rest of you (well, ALL of us) be watching for the little signs and whispers of Heaven throughout your day.  They are there cheering you on whether you know it or not. 

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  1. I love "side of the road" deals. That's a major score!!!


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