Friday, June 14, 2013

Here Comes The Bride...

...and Groom!

June is upon us.  It's actually almost half over.  Where has the first half of 2013 gone?  We know April showers bring May flowers and that the month of June brings weddings.

Today's furniture flip is very unique and a whole lot of fun!  We are featuring the work of Dee from My Painted Stuff.

Dee spotted two very interesting chairs for sale and thought they would make the perfect item to make over at her upcoming upholstery class.  She kept her eye on them and like a very good furniture flipper, she waited until the price dropped and snatched them up.

Here is what she bought...

Don't you love the whimsical shape of them?  Yes, of course you do.  The fabric?  Nah, not so much, right?

She removed the crushed velvet and lumpy stuffing,  painted the wood in Old White, distressed it a bit, and gave it a few coats of wax.

Once in upholstery class, she picked out her favorite fabric - drop cloth - and set about learning to reupholster it.  Dee admits to preferring a paint brush over a sewing machine any day of the week.  Under the helpful tutelage of her instructor she expertly recovered the chairs with only a slight bump or two along the way.

Now, came the really fun part.  She decided to make these already unique chairs that much MORE unique by adding some graphics to them.  

Are you ready to see her vision all completed?  You're gonna love it...

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, please rise and give a warm welcome to...


If that doesn't make you want to run out, grab the first unsuspecting man (or woman) you see and head down the aisle to the altar, I don't know what will!    

To see the full tutorial on how Dee transformed these chairs from two lonely individuals into a couple of happily ever afters, run off with your beloved and head over to her blog My Painted Stuff.  You can also visit Dee at the My Painted Stuff Facebook page.  

Thanks Dee for letting us feature your furniture flip!  

Now, where the heck is Triple H?  I think vow renewals are in order!   I don't care if it hasn't even been three years yet.  I want chairs like this!! 


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