Monday, June 17, 2013

A Stunning Dresser Revival

One can imagine how beautiful today's featured flip was at the beginning of it's existence.  However, years of use and eventually neglect contributed to the decline of this dresser's once lustrous look. 

It sat there patiently waiting for the end to come.  Instead along came Angie from Thrifty RevivalAngie brought it home, determined to revive it.

You know a piece of furniture has had a hard life when it's beaten up so bad that two of the drawers won't even open.  After much work and a lot strength, Angie was able to remove them.  She had her handy man rework the insides of the dresser and added a stronger shelf.  From there, she painted the exterior using Annie Sloan's Emperor's Silk with a dark wax.  The top and insides were painted black and distressed.

This beauty has A LOT of life left in her now.  Ready for the reveal?

She is stunning.

You can visit Angie at Thrifty Revival to see more of her work.  She also has a Thrifty Revival Facebook page.  Let her know you saw her flip!  

Thank you Angie at Thrifty Revival for sharing your fabulous furniture flip!

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