Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vanity Thy Name Is...


We all know how hard working a vanity table can be, right?  Imagine the hours spent before it making one's self beautiful.  You'd think that having spent years serving it's purpose, patiently standing there as it's owner, whether it be a young girl playing dress up or a *woman doing trompe l'oeil on her face, that once that vanity reached retirement age it could....well...retire!

~ ~ ~
*YES!!!  I am talking about ME when I reference trompe l'oeil.  It's not called "trick of the eye" for nothing!

~ ~ ~
In the case of this vanity table there would be no early retirement for it.  Yes, it was tired.  Yes, it was found abandoned and free for the taking.  Yes, it was missing a drawer.  No, it can't retire.  It's going to continue working into it's twilight years.  So, begins the tale of the transformation of today's featured flip.

Here is this hardworking former beauty herself...

She was rescued by Amy from Found And Finished .  Amy had her own work cut out for her in taking on this project.  She wasn't scared of her appearance and the condition she found her in.  We all know NOTHING scares a furniture flipper and especially a furniture flipper who is a high school teacher, wife and mom of THREE BOYS!  

This project was completed during Amy's pre-chalk/pre-milk paint days.  She sanded, primed, painted two coats of green, two coats of grey, handpainted "Grow" on the top, pickle stained it and then poly'ed it.  Remember, this is a workin' vanity and a LOT of hard work went into it.

Are you ready for this retiree's 2nd chapter reveal?  Retiree being the vanity, not Amy.  You got that right?


Isn't she magnificent?  Amy says the plants really enjoy growing in those drawers and the cigar boxes on top!  That's an awesome new use for an old object, don't you think?

Amy says being the lone female in a house full of guys, that this is how her "girli"ness gets out, via painting, home decor and creating a shabby chic little world.  Go check out Amy at Found And Finished.  She has a lot more of her work featured on her Facebook page.  

Thanks Amy for letting us feature your fab furniture flip!

I'll see all of you bright and early tomorrow in hair & makeup!  Bring your own paint palette! 

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