Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It Was Love At First Flip...

We have a flipper in Alaska who is new to the craft but she's a natural at it!  

Amy from Isn't She Darling was a baker by trade, having run her own bakery in Alaska.  She recently sold her business and after a quick vacation she stumbled onto furniture flipping and SHE.  IS.  HOOKED.  It IS addicting, but it's a GOOD type of addiction.

She had never been a fan of painting furniture because the chemicals in ordinary paint and her do not get along.  Amy was at a Women's Expo when she met a representative from Cece Caldwell.  Impressed with what she heard, she bought a sample of the turquoise.  Eager to begin a new creative outlet she set her sights on a $25 nightstand bought at a thrift store.

Here's her find...

He may be short and squat, but there's potential in that little guy!

Amy began working on him, determined to make him pop with color.  She applied her turquoise paint and switched out his knobs and pull.  

Ready for his reveal?  Here is how he looks now...

He looks like he is SMILING in this picture.  At least I think so!!  What an awesome makeover.

Amy at Isn't She Darling has a Facebook page where you can see more of her work.  So, come on flippers!!  Get over there and welcome her into the furniture flippin' fold!

Thanks so much Amy for submitting your very first flip to us!  We are honored to showcase it for you!


  1. How did I miss this earlier post? The night stand looks great, Amy!

  2. Anything turquoise brightens my day...love it!


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