Monday, June 10, 2013

Free For The Taking...

...junk not included.  Bobbie of New To You  was out on a furniture hunt one day when the gentleman who owned this piece of furniture was so desperate to be rid of it he called out to her "It's FREE!".  

THAT attracted her attention.  You know us furniture flippers, we are incapable of turning down any piece of furniture marked FREE.  It's just not possible.  

The drawers were crammed full of junk and paper, which the gentleman kindly dumped onto the ground before she hauled it home.

Here's this little freebie before...

It's a little rough!  You can't tell from this picture but Bobbie says it looked like something was GROWING on the sides.  A thorough scrubbing was in order before the fun part could begin...the makeover.

After it's bath, this side table was freshened up with some hot pink paint.  It was then trimmed with some silver glitter sparkles making this a really fun piece!  It was quickly claimed by her daughter for her room.  

What young girl could turn this down?  I don't know of any. 

Here's the after...

How sweet is that?  You can visit New To You  on Facebook where you will see more of their work.  Run on over there and give her a "like", then leave her a comment!  

Thanks Bobbie of New To You for letting us feature your furniture flip!

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