Friday, June 7, 2013

One Ringy Dingy, Two Ringy Dingy...

I was asked just yesterday by my tech savvy son, "Why do you still have a landline phone?"  I told him it felt like a more secure line to talk on than a cell phone.  We all know that the conversations of a Midwest farmer's daughter (in-law) are of the utmost importance, right?  Somebody, somewhere has to be trying to tap into those calls or so my autobiography will someday read.  Now, if I owned today's featured flip, I would say IT was the reason why I still have a landline phone.  The phone has to sit somewhere and what better place to have it rest than a "telephone table" or, as some of us like to call it, a "gossip bench".

Our flip today comes from Vikki of Veelou.  Vikki lives in the north of England and she upcycles old furniture and mirrors.  The piece she is sharing with us today is this one...

It's a nice solid piece of furniture.  It actually looks much better built than the ones I've seen in person.  Vikki set to work on it, cleaning, sanding, painting it Paris Grey and then using a dry brush technique on it in white to give it more depth.  The interior was painted in a grey and white, and the hardware is done in white with a wash of silver.  To finish the piece, she reupholstered the seat in a beautiful silver floral fabric.  

Are you ready to see this elegant piece?  Here you go...

Isn't it lovely?  The features that were lost in the dark wood before now really stand out.  Forget talking on the phone while sitting on this bench, this bench will become the topic of conversation in whatever room its placed.  

To see the entire makeover condensed into a short video jot over to Veelou and pay Vikki a visit.  Her website features more of her beautiful work and it is available for purchase in Mainland UK.  

Thanks Vikki for letting us feature your fabulous furniture flip!  Keep on flippin'! 

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