Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Desk That Left Me Speechless...

...ME!?!  Yes, ME - SPEECHLESS!!  Can you imagine?  I didn't think it was possible and I know Triple H didn't believe it possible either.  I received a flippin' submission the other day and when I opened up the pictures, my mouth dropped open and I couldn't look away nor could I speak.  For a full five minutes, I shuffled from "Before" to "After", "Before" "After".  

Kelli from Pretty Painted Things and Other Things That Make Me Happy (isn't that a cool name, too?) sent me a before picture of a seemingly normal lame-o desk.  Sorry desk, but your before pic makes you appear dull, boring and without substance.  

Take a gander...

Look at it...LOOK AT IT!!  It looks very sturdy and studious.  Like many a child has sat there, pouting, not wanting to do their homework and mumbling under their breath about how their mom is the meanest mom in the world.  Yes, the entire WORLD.  (Who hasn't been called that, right?  If you haven't been called that yet by your child then get with the program!  The rest of us have!)   

Kelly at Pretty Painted Things said the drawer fronts were pretty beaten up.  She had to really work her supernatural powers on them.  She didn't use the word supernatural but there is NO WAY to describe how she turned that hum-drum of a desk into...


Definitely not lame-o anymore!  It's breathtakingly beautiful and stunningly stupendous all rolled into one.  

I don't know how she did it.  You should head over to  Pretty Painted Things and Other Things That Make Me Happy and ask her for the scoop.  Then ask her to make you something, too!  Bring your beverage because you'll be there awhile looking at all of her projects.

Thanks Kelli for letting us feature your "leave me speechless" furniture flip!  


  1. Great Job Kelli! Love all the detail!

  2. Amazing work!! Way to go, Kelli!!

  3. WOW !!!! A superb transformation !! Really love the chair fabric to !!! Awesome job, well done !!!


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