Tuesday, May 21, 2013

You Know You're A Hardcore Furniture Flipper When...

you find yourself in another State staring at a too good to pass up furniture steal and it won't fit in your car.  Any average person would be like, "Darn!  If only it would fit!" and just leave it behind.  That's what any AVERAGE PERSON would do.  The folks at {Furniture-Ology} are anything BUT average.  They are hardcore. They were in this position recently and didn't let a little thing like not having their truck stop them.  They just drove to Lowe's, bought some tools and when they were done dismantling they had this...

It's a TABLE!   There's a better before picture on their blog but I like the dismantled picture.  It shows they mean business!  

The table was priced at $25 and though it needed a lot of work, it was a bargain and destined for their daughter's home.  After they worked their magic on it, of course.  

Here's the after...

It's a looker now!  Now, you dear blog reader, scoot on over to {Furniture-Ology} for ALL of the BEFORE and AFTER pics.  You have to see them all so that you can be inspired to become a hardcore furniture flipper like them!  

Thanks {Furniture-Ology} for letting us show off your furniture flips.  We are huge fans!  


  1. Thanks again Stephanie! We appreciate the kind words :) We <3 your blog and look forward to each and every post!

  2. Love love love your transformation! I have a table in my basement like it..just crying out for a similar treatment..:)

  3. I would have done the same thing for that table! Absolutely A-mazing! <3

  4. hah yup , i go to the 127 worlds longest yard sale every year in just my pickup , swearing "if it dont fit in this truck i dont need it !" well the uhaul folks in tenn. have gotten to know me pretty well up there ha ha . even then i have to dis-assemble .


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