Monday, May 20, 2013

A New Look For An Old Armoire

It always amazes me how an ordinary nothing special piece of furniture can turn into something so beautiful when attention is paid to it by a skillful hand.

Take today's featured furniture flip.  It's by Bre at Robin's Egg Interiors.  She began with this Plain Jane armoire that needed some repairs.  

Here's the before...

See the missing bottom piece standing up inside it?  That was reattached and Bre went to town painting this soon to be a beauty up.  The inside was given a going over, too.  Fabric was added to the doors and now this armoire is gorgeous and romantic looking and oh so elegant.

Want to see her now?

 Told ya!  She's a beauty!!  Robin's Egg Interiors motto is "We make furniture happy again."  Looks like she's happy to me!  Go visit Robin's Egg Interiors.   They are on Facebook where you'll see more of their work.

Thanks Robin's Egg Interiors for letting us feature your furniture flip!  

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