Friday, May 17, 2013

A Steal Of A Deal

We are finishing up this week of furniture flips with a gorgeous dining room table and chairs makeover from Che at Juxtaposition.  (Isn't that an AWESOME Name - Juxtaposition?)  

Che was combining households with her guy and found herself needing to furnish a dining room.  She had her heart set on a French Provincial style set but had kind of given up hope of finding one in her area.  Until...she finally did.

She found a lovely set that needed some TLC from a sweet older lady who only used it on Sundays.  (<That part is creative license...stay with me.)  

Here's a picture of one of the six chairs (YES, 6 chairs! Mine only has four and mine came from a sweet older lady, too!  What a rip-off!  GRANDMA!)  

Che refers to them as the "ugly chairs" and they were a bit outdated but they were a steal!  THE ENTIRE SET WAS ONLY $60!  This set came with 3 extra leaves for the table, too!  Lucky duck Che!

She set to work on them.  She used homemade chalk paint, some glaze, and pretty fabric.

Here is the spectacular after of her new to them dining room set...

There's nothing ugly about that anymore!  

For ALL of the details and even more before/during/after pictures, head on over for a visit with Che at Juxtaposition.

Thanks Che for letting us feature your furniture flip!  


  1. What? What? Only $60!! Heck of a deal! And It turned out amazing! >3 the table.

  2. What's not to love about this post? The furniture? The price? The finished product? The whole thing is amazing!

  3. I am just about to venture on my first dining room table and chairs too. I love how this one turned out. I had been pondering whether to keep the top the wood (mine is mahogany)and seeing this beautiful transformation I think it's the way to go. I will let you know how it turns out. I paid a little bit more for mine... $160 but it included a china cabinet I didn't want, and sold AS IS for $250, so I got my table and 6 chairs for free :) Gotta love those deals ;)

    Carole - Toronto Shabby Chic


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