Monday, February 17, 2014

A Divine Dining Room Intervention...

Imagine this.  You have a dining room with very unique furnishings.  Very unique, very detailed and very beautiful.  Then you have's not ugly.  There is nothing wrong with it...except it doesn't belong in the same room with this...

What would you do?  Well, if you were me, you'd probably do a lame-o paint job on it and call it a day.  But, if you were smart like the owners of this magnificient dining room set are, you'd call Dennis at Cripple Creek Woodworks.  

"What can he do?", you ask.  Well, he'd remove the doors and the arch.  He'd add Gothic arch doors and a frieze that matches the wood on the back legs of the chairs.  Then, he'd replace the drawer fronts, adding a detail that matched the frieze.  Finally, he'd paint the cabinet with milk paint to match, but use acrylic for the gold.  

After all of that was said and'd end up with this...

How is THAT for a transformation?  Sure in the heck beats my idea of a new paint job.  But, then I'm not a master craftsman.  Dennis is.  I've shown you his work before, remember how he found two metal table bases that were missing their glass tops and he transformed them?  Or, how about the time he took salvaged materials and made a mirror that sold IMMEDIATELY?  Does that ring a bell?  (If you are new to this blog, the red highlighted sentences are links.  Click and see.) 

Cripple Creek Woodworks is located in Texas. When I take over This Old House (the TV show, not the magazine) I'm kicking out Norm and putting Dennis in his place.  I'll be the host.  You can see more of Cripple Creek Woodworks work on their website and on their Facebook page.  Dennis himself will warn you that if you are coming to his Facebook page for just woodwork, you'll be disappointed.  That being said, get over there and say "Hey!  I saw you on Furniture Flippin' and that was really a cool update."  Or, you can use your own words.  That'll work, too.

Thanks Dennis for sharing this amazing furniture flip!  Amazing doesn't even cover it adequately.  

We're off to another fantastic start to our week of Furniture Flips!  Have you submitted yours yet?  What are you waiting for?  Send me before/after pictures plus details to .  If you happen to have a piece of furniture that you've been thinking about redoing, but aren't sure what to do, send me that, too.  I'll share it with our crew of Furniture Flippers and you can decide whether or not to take their advice.  

See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie


  1. I thought it was nice in the "before" picture, but then I scrolled down to the "after" picture and WOW! I was impressed! (and that's not an easy thing to do! lol)

  2. Thanks Stephanie, for this nice write up! This was a tough make over, but the client was very please when I was done, so it was all worth it..


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