Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Paying It Forward...

What a sweet flip this is today!  You are going to love it.  Let me introduce you to Joseph of Joseph Bailey Wood Restoration.  Recently, one of Joseph's customers brought him this crib.  It had been used by his wife as an infant and it was then used for their daughter, too.  Now, the daughter was expecting and this soon to be grandfather brought it to Joseph to have it refinished.  

However, before Joseph could begin work on it, his client called and told him his daughter had decided on a new crib for her baby.  He directed Joseph to just pitch the crib.  Joseph could tell by the sound of his customer's voice that he was disappointed.  That got the gears turning in his head and he began work on it.

One week later, Joseph called his customer and asked him to come in to the shop.  He had a surprise for him.  He had taken that old two generation baby crib and turned it into this...

Isn't that sweet?  What a fantastic reuse for this old crib.  

Joseph Bailey Wood Restoration is based in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  You can see more examples of his work on his website.  You can also follow along on his many projects by visiting his Facebook page.  Stop by there and let him know you saw him on Furniture Flippin'.  

Let's take one more look at it...

Thanks Joseph for sharing your fantastic furniture flip!   

Dear readers, have you submitted your flip yet?  We are also looking for "What Would You Do?" pictures.  If you have a piece of furniture you'd like to redo, but just don't know what to do.  Email me a picture and details to furnitureflippin@yahoo.com .  I'll share it with our crew of Furniture Flippers and they'll offer their advice.

See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie


  1. Replies
    1. You are so welcome Jojo! Feel free to submit your work anytime.

    2. wicked cool!!! Love it! The crib was likely not up to CSA Standards.. so it is really great that it can still be used down the generations!!

  2. That's wonderful! And it turned out so beautiful too!

  3. Wow, that's amazing!! The story makes it even more beautiful! ~Lisa @ Practically Perfect Home

  4. What a neat idea !!!

  5. Love it~ it is a beautiful!


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