Thursday, October 10, 2013

Reflection Perfection!

Last week we showed you on our Furniture Flippin' Facebook page this gorgeous piece that Dennis from Cripple Creek Woodworks picked up at an estate sale.  We asked you, "What Would You Do?".  And you answered.  Your comments were:  use it for the back of a buffet, make an entry mirror out of it, hang it over a door as a decoration, make it into a shelf, affix it to a mahogany door and make a really cool headboard, and a few of you suggested turning it into a hall tree.  Awesome ideas all of them.  I came up with the idea of incorporating it into a bench of some sort.  I don't know.  I have benches on the brain lately.  Hehehehe...

So, what DID Dennis do with this?  He turned it into a MIRROR!!  Turns out Mr. Cripple Creek Woodworks already had a plan in mind, he just wanted to see what you would do.  Smart guy!  Plus, it's so much fun to hear everyone's ideas.  You all are a bunch of smartie pants yourselves!  Little Einstein's with great ideas. 

Dennis writes, "Much to the dismay of many, I cut down the architectural piece that I found at an estate sale.   I took details from the piece and added them to the new frame that now makes the mirror.  I added flutes to the styles and rails to mimic the flutes that are in the small corbel brackets.  Then I added a rosette block in the lower corners and carved them to match the existing rosettes above.  I then painted the frame with 'Maison Blanche' chalk paint (Magnolia) and then clear coated and waxed with a dark brown wax.  The finished product measures 21" wide x 35-1/2" tall."

Let's take a look at this old AND new mirror.  

See! What were some of you afraid of WWYDoers?  You were afraid the piece would lose its integrity if it was cut and repurposed.  Just the opposite happened.  It was simply reinvented and made useful again.  Now instead of just being a decorative piece to hang on a wall it has become part of a gorgeous mirror that will be around far longer than we probably will be.  Absolutely beautiful!  Imagine the images it will reflect in it's future.  All of that of course depends on who ends up with it.  It could be YOURS.  It's for sale.   This one of a kind handmade quality mirror is available for purchase.  If this is something you'd like to own, go check it out at Cripple Creek Woodworks Etsy store.  You better hurry before it's bought up!  ~ Update:  IT SOLD!  Which one of you bought it?  Lucky duck!  That's a beauty!

Remember when I introduced you to Dennis and his fabulous makeover of a couple of hitchhiking coffee tables?  Yeah!  You remember!  

You can find Cripple Creek Woodworks portfolio on their website and catch up with them on their Facebook page.  Let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'!

Thanks so much Dennis for letting us in on the fun of this flip!  It was a delight to see this new use for an old object become a reality.  

If you have a furniture flip or a What Would You Do? submission or a new use for an old object that YOU'D like to share, please email me at .  We'd love to show off your work, too!

~ Stephanie


  1. Love it...was my first thought when I saw the piece.

  2. Wow that took some time! Still have all your fingers?


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