Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Successful Furniture Intervention...

Do you remember back in June, when I gathered you all together on our Furniture Flippin' Facebook page and we staged an intervention?  It was on this guy...

Oh boy, did our friend Amy from High Style ReStyle have her hands full with this guy.  Amy was contemplating how to address the back mirrored part.  Her client had already decided she wanted the doors removed for open shelving.  It was the mirrors that needed the intervention.  Our wonderful Facebook friends suggested:  glass paint, etchings, vinyl appliques, brick facing, metal work with wood, stenciling, mercury glass-it, wallpaper, and a few other techniques.  There is no stopping our fellow furniture flippers, their ideas know no bounds.  (Love that about them all!) 

Well, the doors were removed and so was the mirrored back of the hutch.  Amy got hard to work transforming this huge piece.  She replaced the back with beadboard stained walnut to match the newly updated top.  The body of the piece was painted Vintage White and then she applied a dark wax. 

The hardware color was updated and what a difference it made!  A lot of folks, me included, like to switch out hardware, but in this case it didn't need it.  The new color paired with the beautifully painted base really makes it stand out.  It no longer looks dated. 

That hard work paid off in the end!  Check out this beauty now...

Amy's client is thrilled with the outcome.  

You can see more of Amy's work on her High Style ReStyle Facebook page.  While you are there, let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  She is based in the Dallas, Texas area.  If you have a piece of furniture you'd like to update, let her know.  She can help you with that.  

Thanks Amy for submitting your "What Would You Do?" picture AND for sharing the amazing "after".  Great job!  

Dear readers, if you have a piece of furniture sitting around and you aren't quite sure what you should do with it, email me the picture at and we'll put it up for debate with our brigade of furniture flippers.  If you decide it's not something you think you want to tackle on your own, we can also put you in touch with a furniture flipper close to you.  They're out there, scattered from here to there and they all love a challenge.  

Furniture Flippers - hurry up and get your furniture flips in!  We'd love to show off your work, too!  You know the drill...before/after pictures and as much details as you can provide.

Tomorrow we will be showing you another "What Would You Do?" after.  It's a good one!  (Aren't they all, though?  Talented people you all are!) 
~ Stephanie

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