Friday, October 11, 2013

Go Bold Or Go Home...

Or in this case, go bold and find a new home!

When Michelle from Harmony Paintings and Home Decor found this gem of a buffet she knew she wanted to make it a show stopper.  She wanted to be a little bit daring and chose to go with a bold color. 

The finish on the top scratched easily and Michelle sanded that down.  Then she began painting the body of the buffet with Annie Sloan's Emperor Silk.  
After the painting was finished she applied a dark wax to make all of the details really stand out.  Look at the difference between the before and after pictures.  That's a remarkable change.  (Seeing that makes me less scared of color.)  

When all was said and done, well, all was said and done.  How did this buffet turn out?  Take a look for yourself...

Gorgeous!  I love the contrast between the dark wood top and the red body.  The dark wax ties them both together.  Super job. 

If you are in town for Utica's Burgoo Festival be sure and stop at Harmony Paintings and Home Decor located at 122 Mill Street in the downtown Utica, Illinois.  If you need help hauling your furniture purchases home, give me a shout out!  I'll bring my car trailer. 

Check out Harmony Paintings and Home Decor on their Facebook page.  There you can follow along as Michelle works her magic on the great pieces she finds.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  You might remember the last time Harmony Paintings was featured here on the blog.  That dresser remains one of the topped "Pinned" items I've shown you.  You can check that out by clicking HERE.  

Thanks Michelle for sharing your exquisite furniture flip! 

That wraps it up for another week here on Furniture Flippin'.  I'll be back on Monday with another follow-up to a past "What Would You Do?" where we will find out exactly what our furniture flipper did!  Did they take your suggestions?  

If you have a piece of furniture you'd like help deciding how to makeover or if you have one you've already finished, I want to hear from you!  Email me at .  

Have a great weekend!
~ Stephanie


  1. OOHhh i will have to send my mother her way and see if she has what she is looking for! Is the burgoo this weekend already!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I have wanted to ask you about what wax does to the finish......this showed me exactly what I needed to see! Thanks

    1. You're welcome Shalley! It is a great pic of how much a difference it really does make. ;-)


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