Friday, February 14, 2014

It Was A Dark And Gloomy Winter...

...and I, Stephanie, found myself held captive indoors by an old man and his shrew of a wife.  That's right.  The notorious duo of Old Man Winter and Mother Nature had their cold icy grip on me and they weren't letting go.  Days and days passed.  I can't tell you how many days because I was making tally marks on the ice covered windows only to have the heater kick on and melt my markings.  I decided to make a break for the door.  I slowly turned the handle and opened the door, only to be forced back inside by their son Gus T. Wind.  I considered sneaking out another exit but the threat of their dog Frost's bite kept me inside.  I was beginning to feel like a guest at the Overlook Hotel.  I could feel myself losing my grip on my normally good natured personality.  My snarkiness was developing a meaner snarkiness which set in motion my fear of never being able to top that level of snarkiness and feeling that I HAVE PEAKED!!  There is no where else to go!!  What's after the top level of snarkiness?  I wasn't sure.  I didn't want to wait around to find out.  I fervently typed out an SOS message hoping that someone would hear my call of distress and come to my aid.   I prayed that it wouldn't be a set of creepy twins or a kid on a big wheel.  

Suddenly, a message appeared.  I was not alone.  For Heather was there.  Perfectly Flawed 13's Heather.  Heather slipped me a picture, showing me the way out of this fortress. 

She confided to me that a man had brought her this buffet.  He had rescued it from a barn where it, too, had been exposed to the fury of Mother Nature.   As Heather listened, he spoke of how this piece must have looked in it's glory days.  He recalled that there were some decorative details missing and it bothered him that it had been so carelessly left out to rot.  He asked simply that Heather "do her magic".  Heather never said if the man resembled Jack Nicholson or not, but I'm assuming he did not. 

So, Heather did work her magic.  The buffet was in serious need of repair.  It had a veneer-ial disease of some sort.  The veneer that wasn't broken off already was chipped.  The whole top was ruined so Heather had to rip it all off & put on a new one.  (That a girl!)  Her client loved stained wood so that was a no-brainer.  Heather incorporated it choosing Kona by Rustoleum.  The paint she used is Churchill Hotel Wheat which she followed up with dark brown glaze and a clear coat of Minwax polyurethane.  

For the missing decorative wood carvings, Heather chose to replace them with metal art. 

Her client loved it.  This piece remains one of Heather's favorite makeovers.

Let's take another look at it...

Now, I insist, yes INSIST, that you head over to Heather's Perfectly Flawed 13's Facebook page.  She is hilarious.  If you are in a winter funk her style of writing is like you are having a conversation with a fun friend and like Cher said to Nicholas Cage, you'll "Snap out of it!".  Plus, you can see some more of the fun furniture flips she is working on.  Perfectly Flawed 13 is based in Choctaw, Oklahoma.  So, if you live in her area you are lucky.  But, you better learn to drive the right way.  

Thanks so much Heather for sharing your fabulous furniture flip and for handing me the map to get out of the maze that is this winter.  I'm forever indebted.  

There you have it dear readers!!  One more week of Furniture Flippin' is down.  Just around 9 more weeks until we hit our one year anniversary with this blog.  I can't thank you enough for being along with me on this venture.  It has been fun!  The numbers are beyond what I thought they'd be for our first year and I am thrilled to have gotten to know so many wonderful people along the way.  Don't forget to submit your flip!  Email me at .  I'll be watching for it!
~ Stephanie


  1. Wow! That is beautiful.

  2. Stunning transformation! And Steffanie...snark is your

  3. You're back!!!! So happy...I know this winter has been a tough one but just think of all the great "remember the winter of 2014 stories" we'll have to I can't believe this piece was left to glad she worked her magic on it. My favorite line of this piece...veneerial...almost spit out my coffee. I may have to borrow that one (giving you full credit of course), :)


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