Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Week In Review...

We are on a crusade here at Furniture Flippin'.  A crusade to rid the world of crappy furniture.  You know the kind.  The furniture that you see discarded on the side of the road or in somebody's trash.  You can even find it at your local thrift store.  Well, it's the talented people that are featured here that are helping to put an end to it.  They are stepping forward and making an old discarded piece new and loved again.  Here's what you saw this week...

How many of you, dear readers, would have passed those pieces right on by?  I know some of you wouldn't because you are furniture flippers yourself.  I would tip my hat to you if I were wearing one.  (Instead, I'm going to encourage you to submit your flip.) 

Here are the amazing afters...

Many different techniques, paints and approaches were taken to achieve those outcomes.  You can thank the talented people behind Twice Loved Gems, Simple Southern Charm, Furniture Alchemy, Juxtaposition, and Shay'd It Up.  

Furniture Flippin' will be back on Monday with a whole new week of fabulous furniture flips.  If you have one to submit, email us the before/after pictures and all of the details to .  If you haven't subscribed yet to this little furniture blog, then you better get a move on.  There's no time like the present.  The link to subscribe is at the top of this page.
Have a great weekend!
~ Stephanie

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