Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Perfectly A-Dorrie-able Trunk Transformation

Do you know our flippin' friends Dorrie and Amanda?  Well, you should!  They are the sister team behind Simple Southern Charm.  They are New Jersey girls born and raised, who have both relocated to North Carolina and fallen in love with the southern lifestyle. They tag team it on many furniture projects and then they also do some solo.  Today's featured flip is a solo act by Dorrie.   She began with this Sears & Roebuck trunk.  

After a chat with our friend Sherri at Simply Paint It, she was excited to try  Old Town Paints on it.  Sherri isn't just a user, she's a dealer, too!  Of Old Town Paints people.  (I hear the stuff is da bombThat'll make my preteen son cringe when he hears his mom using that expression. No fear there, he doesn't read her blog.)  

Dorrie chose the paint colors Green Apple, Leaf Green and Forrest Green.  Once they arrived she went to work on it.  Letting her creativity take hold of her hand, she totally transformed this from a poor beat up, scratched up, paint blotched up wooden trunk into what you see in these spectacular photos...
<<< Whatchu lookin' at?  Why, I'm looking at you, handsome.  I would tell my kids that this trunk watches them when I'm not in the room and that they better be good.  Or else. 

Look at the details!  They really stand out now. 

And let's see the overall piece...

When I saw the finished piece I told Dorrie that she has serious talent and had I attempted to paint something like that, it would look like a first grader had done it.  To which, Dorrie replied, "Get out of here!!! Anyone with a steady hand and some frog tape can do this!!!"  Me thinks Dorrie is too generous in her predictions that I could replicate something like this.  Trust me, I can't.  I leave work like that to you talented people. 

To read more about this metamorphosis and how it was achieved, head on over to the Simple Southern Charm blog.  Dorrie and Amanda have a LOT more things to show you there. 

You can also find them on their Simple Southern Charm Facebook page.  Give them a like and let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'.  

Thanks Dorrie & Amanda for sharing this fabulous furniture flip!  Keep 'em coming!

One more thing ladies...the chest of drawers that is photo bombing the bottom picture of the trunk.  What are you doing with that?  You know everyone who reads this blog post is going to be wondering ladies.  I'm just putting the question out there first...
~ Stephanie


  1. Lol!! Stephanie! That's my piece. I bought it when our walls were beige and was intending on leaving it as is. Yup, that lasted a hot minute and then we painted the walls dark brown. Now it just blends tooooo much. Destined for something yummy, just not sure what. Please feel free to ask "what would you do?" xoxo. Thanks for the feature!!

  2. Wow, that chest looks amazing? Is it cedar lined? You did a wonderful job, very high end.

  3. Thank you so much! Yes, it was a cedar chest.

  4. LOVE it! The details really pop now.


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