Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Know You Want Me...You Know I Want Cha...I Know You Want Me...You Know I Want Cha...

...that's what I imagine today's furniture flip was thinking as it sat there in the thrift store waiting as Sheila from Furniture Alchemy pondered whether or not to scoop him up and take him home.  The dilemma?  Well, take a gander at the veneer on this dresser.  Sad, sad shape.  (That's what they call a veneer-ial disease.  Hehehe...I know you've heard me say that before but it's still funny to me.  I've also used "Cha" twice in one week's worth of blog titles.  Let's see who catches that.)  It's door was in bad condition, too.  However, what is that peeking out?  Do you see it?  Sheila did!  She saw that underneath it's very rough exterior lay beautiful wood.  So, she plopped down the money and carted him back to her place.  

Sheila has worked with bad veneer before and learned some tricks of the trade.  The veneer on the sides and drawer fronts came off pretty easily.  It was the top of this piece that proved to be really stubborn.  The older the furniture is, the more stubborn it becomes, just like husbands, I mean, humans.  (Sorry Triple H!)  Sheila would have none of that though and she turned the table(top) on it!  She removed the top and flipped it over.  Genius!!  

Then came the sanding and stripping.  Sheila was going to stain it but then she thought she'd see what Rustoleum's Decorative Glaze would do to it.  She tried it on the inside of a drawer and liked the results so much she continued with it on the top and the drawer fronts.  She had already decided to use Annie Sloan Graphite with some distressing on the rest of the cabinet.  She removed the broken down cabinet door, painted the inside and added some stenciling.  All of that was followed up with a few coats of polyurethane.  
Let's check out the after...
Sensational!!  I'm not surprised though because Sheila always hits it out of the ballpark.  You can see more pictures of this makeover and read about the details that I glazed over (hehehehe...pun intended) on the Furniture Alchemy blog.  For you Facebook fanatics, skedaddle over to the Furniture Alchemy Facebook page and let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  If you are looking to buy, then form a line to the right and point that mouse of yours towards the Furniture Alchemy Etsy page.  See!  Ask and I'll be happy to tell you where to go.  

Thanks so much Sheila for sharing your fabulous furniture flip!

To the rest of you...I bet you have a piece of furniture sitting in your house that you've been thinking about making a change, too.  Well, if you do, email me a picture of it and let me ask all of the talented Furniture Flippers we know what they would do to it.  You can email me at .  

So concludes another episode of "As The Furniture Turns".  Tune into tomorrow when we'll discover...well, I have no idea what we'll discover.  I seldom plan too far in advance.  It could be YOU!
~ Stephanie


  1. This turned out so good.

  2. Wow, amazing! I've got an old desk that the veneer on the top drawers was chipping, it was easy to get off fortunately...I wouldn't want to have to turn that around. Smart thinking, and it turned out fabulous!
    Debbie :)

  3. i am surprised at this transformation! doesnt even look like the same piece!

  4. You did a very good job. You have inspired me, such a great concept with a huge impact! It has turned out so amazing.

    Bobs Furniture | Bob's Discount Furniture

  5. wow!!!! simply WOW!!! love it!!

  6. This is now a beautiful treasure, you certainly have a good eye and lots of creative talent :)

  7. That piece was really messed up, but you transformed it beautifully. Nice job!

  8. I saw this piece on Hometalk & pinned it because it's so pretty!! I plan to do a future flip in this same kind of style...consider yourself warned! ;)

  9. That really turned out nice!


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