Monday, October 28, 2013

You Clamored For Glamour...

...when we featured today's former "What Would You Do" subject back in September on our Furniture Flippin' Facebook page.  Melissa from Twice Loved Gems had this French Provincial style vanity in her garage for over 6 months waiting for inspiration.  She debated over what to do with it.  Play it safe, go bold or settle somewhere in between.  

She turned to you, our wonderful readers, and what did you suggest?  Well, you all pretty much said in unison:  "Glam it up and make it girly." Reader Linda Bailey, unbeknownst to her at the time, actually inspired the title of today's blog post with her statement, "I clamor for glamour!"  Thanks for that Linda! 

Melissa chose a base color called Gladewater by Sherwin Williams in the pearl finish.   She also had her husband mix in a small amount of Martha Stewart metallic paint (specialty finish) in polished silver to give it just a little more shimmer.  After taping off the mirror, stripping off the hardware and giving it a good sanding, priming it, another sanding and then applying the base coat it looked like this. 

Melissa took out some colors in the same general scheme and did a brush effect on the outside. She says, "I started on the silver which took forever and lots of coats to get thick and non brush mark-ish.  Before that, I filled in the holes thinking I wanted different pulls but I just couldn't pull it together.  I started to feel like I was going all wrong.  I tried a distress glaze but it just turned it gray and yuck.  So, I repainted.  (Who among us hasn't been in that situation before?)  This time I focused on the bench and decided to throw in a color just to see.  It's called Woodsy Scent and it's by Clark + Kensington.  I decided it needed a word....I wanted to put it right on top but then moved it to the drawer for a little surprise.  

It was at this point I'm thinking this thing just really screams vintage and I might as well go with it.  I looked up vintage fabric patterns and decided on what is now hand painted on the side.  I used a projector for it.  It still wasn't enough to me.  It came to me to paint the left and right top as well as staggering the drawers with the color. Getting better.  I took paint samples to Jo-Ann Fabrics and looked and looked when BAM! this vintage print was the perfect color match!  I reupholstered the bench seat, sanded, waxed and I was done!!  I love how it turned out. It took a lot of trial and error."  

Let's check out the after of this beautiful Vanity's for sale!  You could be sitting in front of it yourself if you were to purchase it.  I think you SHOULD buy it.  Check out the Craiglist ad and contact Melissa of Twice Loved Gems. 
Twice Loved Gems is based in Goodyear, Arizona.  You can visit them on their Twice Loved Gems blog for more examples of their stellar work.  You can also find Melissa and Twice Loved Gems on their Facebook page.  Get over there, give them a "like" and let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'!  

Here's another close up...

Finally, let's take a look at the entire finished item...
Thanks Melissa for sharing your fabulous furniture flip AND for letting all of us be a part of the planning stages.  The after is gorgeous!

Dear readers, don't just sit there.  Get your own stuff submitted.  You don't have to be a professional furniture flipper.  It could be one you've done for your own home.  That's usually how we all started doing this.  Come on!  Email me your before/after pictures and all of the details.  Let's see what you have done.  If you have a piece of furniture and are stuck on what to do, email that picture to me for a "What Would You Do?" feature!  We'll help you out.  You can contact me at .

Come back tomorrow for another episode of "As The Furniture Turns"!  
~ Stephanie


  1. Oh my! That is so gorgeous, so wonderfully done! Truly an amazingly talented artist! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful! I especially like the way the handles are painted.

  3. Love it! Referred over by Twice Loved Gems. Planning on using these colors/paints to do my own vanity.

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  5. This is absolutely stunning - love everything about it, colours/style/fabric


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