Friday, November 1, 2013

Making Her Mom Proud...

There has been a few times in the life of this blog where I have turned the writing reins over to the featured furniture flipper of the day.  This is one of those days.  I can't write anything that will top the words that were written to me by Sharon of Shay'd It Up.  Here's what I received in an email from her...
~ ~ ~
"I am somewhat new to the furniture flipping thing although I have had a terrible thrift store addiction for years. There doesn't seem to be any treatment for it and I had been enabled in this behavior by my mom until I lost her two years ago.  She would really love to be in on this little venture with me though and sometimes, when I find a great piece of furniture I can still hear her squeal in my head.  

It is only recently that I have been rescuing treasures to sell rather than keep for myself.  I am a single parent of 4 beautiful grown daughters and have one lovely granddaughter.  I began buying second hand furniture out of necessity but grew to love that feeling of finding awesome stuff for a steal of a deal.  I know from reading your page and your blog that you know that heart pounding "omygoodnessthisissogoinghomewithmetoday" feeling.  This is one of those pieces. 

I actually walked away from this one because I don't have a truck and it's long - 66" long and the delivery price was too much, but, I couldn't stop thinking about how great it could look so I went back mid week and bought it anyway. 

I removed the hardware, sanded down the entire piece, and decided to try out the recipe for homemade chalk paint that I found on a blog.  I bought Behr Interior Flat self priming paint in a color called Sparrow.  I applied two coats of that and loved that shade of gray but it looked a little flat on a piece as big as this one.  I watered down a little Annie Sloan Old White paint and just went over it really lightly.  Then I wiped most of it off.  In certain spots, like the middle door, I just left streaks of white.  I applied two coats of Annie Sloan clear wax.  I liked the hardware well enough and decided to just paint it and see how it looked.  I bought Tremclad Rust Paint in Gloss Grey and put two coats of that on the hardware.  It almost has a blue/greenish tinge to it that picked up something in the Behr paint and complimented it really well.   Then, I found two big strong boys hanging around my living room and got them to lug it outside to take pics in the sunshine!"
~ ~ ~
It's Stephanie again!  Let's take a look at this heart pounding too good not to buy and totally worth the delivery charge dresser/buffet/sideboard now...

That is lovely.  I agree Sharon.  I think with the new paint color the original hardware was definitely a keeper.  Good call!  I don't think I could have passed that one up either.  

Shay'd It Up is based in Canada.  You can see more of her work on her Shay'd It Up Facebook Page.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin' and that she's not alone in her thrift store addiction.  

Thanks Sharon for sharing your wonderful furniture flip.  

That brings an end to another week of Furniture Flippin'.  Have you submitted your flip yet?  Get it in.  Email me at .  Your flip could be next.

Have a great weekend!  Fall back!
~ Stephanie


  1. Sharon, the buffet is beautiful!! Nice work! Definitely was a good idea to keep the hardware.
    And just so you know... you are NOT the only one with a thrift shop furniture addiction. I have two houses (I use the term loosely; one is an old 12'x60' trailer, the other a rented apartment with a useable basement) and they are both full to overflowing with furniture that was too good to pass up. The basement is my 'furniture shop'. When I get tired of one thing, I take it downstairs and 'shop' for something else!
    My husband is the enable in our family. Is there any hope for me??

    1. It seems there is a community of us "addicts" out there. lol. Perhaps a 12 step program is in order! Thank you so much for you kind words!

  2. i also have a thrift shop addiction...i loaded a cute little ottoman in my car last week since it was only $5...i don't even really have a place for it!

    beautiful buffet. it was worth it!!

    1. Thank you! It's so hard to leave those great buys behind. I am sure you will find a place...or a person for your ottoman eventually!

  3. Wow fantastic Sharon. Did you use chalk paint?

  4. the facebook link doesnt work :( beautiful piece though


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