Monday, March 7, 2016

Pimp My Crib

I am so glad it's Monday!  Why?  Because, when our furniture flipper Martin Hodgson of Pimp My Crib sent me today's flips, I was so excited about them I almost couldn't wait for today to show them to you!  I know you will love them just as much as I do!  

Martin is based in the United Kingdom and has been making children's themed beds for years.  Last year he decided to try his hand at cribs, too.  He took a second hand crib and decided to make a sample one.  (Martin stresses that when making one to sell he always uses a new crib.)

He worked his magic on it and turned it into a carriage, fit for a little princess.

Here it is all ready for paint.

And here it is finished...

Isn't that fantastic?  Can you imagine having that in your child's nursery?  Wow!  Amazing.  

Wait, there's more!

This next picture Martin sent shows a complete nursery full of furniture he created.  

What a lucky little baby Indianna is!  Speaking of Indianna, I have been trying to get somebody in my family to name their future daughter that!  I have been trying for what seems like FOREVER!  So far, nobody has.  I'm still hoping.  (They could call her Indy for short!)

Martin is a fulltime dad who pursues his craft on a part-time basis.  He keeps pretty busy with his orders.  Check out these other themed beds he created.

What lucky children to slumber in these beds.  

Look at the one with the slide.  You'd never get your kids out of their rooms!
Thank you so much Martin Hodgson for sharing your incredible talent!  

You can check out more of his work on his Pimp My Crib Facebook page

How's that for a start to the week?  Have you submitted your furniture flip yet?  I hope you do!  Email me before/after pics and plenty of details to .
~ Stephanie  

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