Monday, February 29, 2016

One Of These Chairs Is Just Like The Other...

Happy Leap Day!  I hope you don't plan on wasting this free day.  It won't come around for four more years.  Me?  Oh, I fully intend to waste the day.  I'm so good at that, why change now?  I say, if you find something you are good at, then stick with it!  So, I am.  I shall spend too many hours on the weird wide web.  I shall make many high scoring words in my Words With Friends game I have going with my sister and then cackle to myself as I say, "Take THAT!  Lee Ann!"  I will also restart the dryer a few times because I just don't feel like folding laundry when the buzzer goes off.  (On more than one occasion I have restarted it three times, only to find out that it was empty! I even put off work that isn't even there to do! Hahahaha.  Read:  cackle, cackle, cackle!)  

Those reasons are precisely why I could never pull off an instructional video on how to do something.  I'd get distracted by something and you'd have a hard time reining me in and keeping me on track.  Good thing I'm not the subject of today's blog post.  (See what I did?  I just caused you to waste 38.01 seconds of your day reading the two paragraphs preceding this line.  Yes, I timed myself proofreading them.) 

I can promise you this:  the rest of this blog post will NOT be a waste of your time.  You are going to be inspired AND you will learn something.  And, it's all thanks to our furniture flipper Jami Ray of Jami Ray Vintage.

Jami and her husband Zeb have got it going on!  They have a DIY Channel on YouTube full of instructional videos.   Their website is a chockfull of stuff.  It's like one stop, DIY tutorials, before & afters, so much to see!  Today, we are going to focus on these two Queen Anne chairs that Jami recently redone.

Here's what they looked like when they found themselves in Jami's capable hands.  Sturdy but dirty.  Jami stripped them down to their bare bones and went to work.
She repainted them with Fairy Chalk Mother paint in Fresh Cream.  You can purchase that and more colors on her website.   She then distressed it by sanding followed by an application of Fairy Chalk Mother Antiquing Glaze.  

When it came time for fabric Jami chose a faux grain sack fabric that she created herself using a drop cloth.  She very graciously shows you how you, too, can create this look through one of her videos.   

I'm going to skip over some of the steps she has taken and jump ahead to the reveal of these chairs.  You can see this makeover step by step in her video tutorial.  (I spent a lot of my Friday watching her videos.)

Isn't that fabulous!?!  Love them!
Jami Ray Vintage is located in Lehi, Utah.  I'm serious, you will fall in love with her work and you might as well chalk up today as a wasted bonus day, because you will be too busy watching her videos to get anything else done.  But, then that's not really a wasted day because you'll be having fun and learning something, too.  You can also visit with Jami on her Facebook page.  

Thanks Jami for sharing your talented self with all of us!  Oh, and your talented husband, too.  Can't forget him!  

Dear readers, have you submitted your own flips yet?  What's the hold up?  I don't have all day you know!  Or, do I?
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie

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