Thursday, February 25, 2016

I Present To You King Charles...

Don't get your hopes up Duchess Of Cornwall Camilla, I'm not talking about your husband.  Not placing bets on when he'll get that throne.  Nope.  "King Charles" happens to be the name of today's most magnificent furniture flip.

Now, we've all seen benches made out of beds.  We've even seen rocking chairs made out of beds, "wink, wink" (our Triple Rocker).  The bench I'm going to show you today is pretty darn awesome.  I saw it and couldn't wait to show it to you!

The only problem is, there is no "before" pic.  I'm making an exception today and breaking that rule because this is just that cool.  

Today's creation is courtesy of Jenniver of The DORE To LAWRENCE, located in Canyon Lake, California.   This was only the fifth piece that Jenniver made.  The four previous pieces were a test of sorts, to see if she had the gift.  (She does!)  When she saw two separate sale ads on Craigslist, one for a headboard, the other a footboard, she decided to bring them together and create this...

Isn't that unique?  I've never seen a bench quite like that one.  Jenniver has been branding her work with a handstamped copper tag.  Each piece is numbered.  This piece was the first one that Jenniver started numbering, it's number is 2013.1 and she is now up to #2013.174.  She has been busy.

Head on over to The DORE To LAWRENCE'S website for more of her work.  She is in her third year of business and her work includes furniture, handmade clocks, wine barrel pieces and much more.  You can also visit her on her Facebook page.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks so much Jenniver for sharing the details of this fabulous bench!

Get your flips in people!  You don't have to be into furniture for profit, it can be flips you've done for yourself.  Let's see what you can do!  Email me before/after pics & details to .
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie

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