Thursday, February 4, 2016

Happy Wife, Happy Life...

There are some things that go on inside the walls of our house that you need to know.  "Enter At Your Own Risk" is what the sign above our doors should say, instead of the friendly "Peace To All Who Enter" signs that hang there now. (Halloween pic - the bats are not everyday decor.)  

What goes on?  Chances are great that when you open any door, be it inside or outside at our house, somebody will jump out at you and try to scare the crap out of you.  It happens daily here.  We call it "Zombie Apocalypse Training".  It's meant to make you have nerves of steel and teach you to stay calm if you find yourself confronted with walkers.  Man, I've scared so many people and it never gets old.  I do it, my husband does it, and my son does it.  It.  Is.  Fun.  For us, at least.  Maybe not for the scarie (or is it spelled scaree? That doesn't look right either.  I think it's scaree.  Actually it's a made up word anyway, who cares?)

The other thing you must know is that I will sing all day long.  I make up songs.  Or I'll sing random songs constantly.  I do it because I know that if I do it long enough somebody else is going to pick up on it and find themselves singing it, too.  It'll get in their brains and there it'll stay.  It drives my husband and son crazy.  That's fun for me.   It works with whistling, too.  Yesterday I was singing the "Smurfs" song..."La la la-la la la, Sing a happy song" and before too long, my handsome handy husband comes in and he is singing it, too.  I looked at him, he stopped and the look on his face was priceless.  "You!", he says.  I'm still laughing about it today. 

This morning I walked into the kitchen where my son was and started to sing, "Good Morning, Good Morning!  How did you sleep last night?" and I heard the distinct thud of the bedroom door closing.  My husband wasn't about to fall for that again.  He tuned me out really quick lest he be singing it all day long.  Oh, gosh.  I love doing that to people.  Get inside their head...but in a good way.  My poor husband and son.  They love me though.  They are pretty good at ganging up on me and paying me back for my torturous ways.

Back to the title of today's blog post.  We've all heard that saying, "Happy Wife, Happy Life".  Well, it really isn't all one-sided like that in a relationship.  It takes two baby, it takes two!  (Now, you'll be singing THAT song all day long.)  Today we feature another husband-wife duo.  Roni and her husband Gary from Roni's Rescued Relics.  They tackle many tough flips together.  They tag-team it.  This time they took on this old and battered work bench.

It had been hanging out in their basement for awhile.  Roni saw the potential in it and the two of them went to work.  The piece had been sitting on metal crates so her husband built a new frame for the piece to sit on.  It will soon be sporting some wheels, too.
Inspiration struck Roni again and she had her husband incorporate two old sewing machine drawers. (There he is making up his plan of attack.)  (Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work he goes.)

It's looking good!  

Let's take a look at what's going on with the back of this piece.

Baby got back!

Can it be anymore fabulous?  I don't think it can.  Wait...Roni isn't done.  She has something else for her husband to do.  

I love this picture of it upside down.  This was snapped when it's wheels were going on.  It reminds me of how the "Dumpster Dresser" we did used to hang out in the garage on a dolly in all sorts of positions.  

Roni wasn't finished yet.  Her imaginative brain was still churning out ideas.  This time she asked Gary to install an outlet on the top.  So, in keeping with the title of this blog post, he made his wife happy and their happy life continued.  I've seen my husband work a chisel before and I marvel at it.  I've tried it and it's not easy.  I leave that up to him.  Give and take.  

Were they done yet?  Nope!  Good ol' Gar' made her a crate out of old pallet wood and attached it to provide additional storage.  He also added an additional shelf. Roni pulled a Stephanie and did the finishing work, paint, stain, poly, etc.  TEAMWORK.

Let's take a look at this project in all it's finished glory.  

First the magnificent back...

...and now the front.  
Very unique!  It provides just the additional storage that Roni was looking for in her kitchen.  I've glossed over some of the steps of this redo but you can read more about it and see additional photos on their Roni's Rescued Relics Facebook page.  Get over there, give them a "Like" and let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'.  

If you want to see even more items of theirs that I've featured here in the past, then check out their Kitchen Island, their French Provincial Chest of Drawers, and their gorgeous Dining Room Furniture redo.  They are located in Long Island, NY.  You can also find them on Etsy.

Thanks so much Roni for sharing your wonderful furniture flips!  Keep 'em coming!

You dear readers, quit your slacking.  Either submit a flip or submit a comment.  One or the other.  I need something to read, too!
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie   

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