Thursday, September 12, 2013

From Server To Center Stage

You know how one day you are a waitress serving meals and the next day you are "discovered".  You find yourself thrust into the spotlight and adored by many.  Yeah, I don't either.  I'm still waiting for my day of discovery.  (Whatcha waitin' for Hollywood?  I'm not getting any younger!  I'm available to play the Mom in commercials as long as they aren't the Liquid Plumr ones.)  Well, today's "Star" had to wait longer than even I will to be discovered.  This pretty lady thought she was destined to serve meals FOREVER.  She hadn't yet met Roni of Roni's Rescued Relics. 

Here's what happened ~ Roni began this furniture flip with this antique early 1900's Sideboard...

She immediately offered it up for customization to her customers.  One of them jumped on it and plans were set in motion to turn this dining room buffet into a kitchen island.  A REMARKABLE kitchen island, I might add.  (I'm so EXCITED by this makeover if I could do a cartwheel I WOULD!!)

Roni and her own handsome handy husband did some major construction work to transform this piece.  They removed the two center drawers and the original top.  Then they boxed in those areas and added beadboard to the back of the cabinet.  Roni stained the new wood to match the old so that when she got to the distressing part of this project the wood would match.  (Smart thinking!)  They trimmed the new construction, made a large overhanging top that they distressed, cut out the wood inset on the original doors, added chicken wire to them, and then the painting and finishing work began.  

Are you ready to see the end result??  Be warned - you will be on the lookout for a buffet of your own after seeing this.


And the back...

A close-up of the dividers her husband made and the drawers that were lined...

Isn't that makeover something?  Talk about a new use for an old object!  I LOVE when furniture is incorporated into a kitchen.  

You can see more of the steps Roni's Rescued Relics took in completing this transformation on her Facebook Page.  While you are there let her know you saw her flip on Furniture Flippin'.  Don't forget to become a fan of hers so that you can follow along on all of the great furniture makeovers she does.  There's a lot of them on her page.  Long Island, NY readers, you are in luck because that is where she is located.

Thanks so much Roni for sharing this sensational furniture flip!

If YOU have a furniture flip you'd like to submit, email me your befores and afters plus all the details to


  1. That looks amazing. Would be useful in keeping baskets of potatoes, onions with a beautiful bouquet of happy daisies sitting on top.

  2. Now that's a makeover! Very well done and so creative. Thank you for finding this transformation!


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