Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm A Flipper, She's A Flipper...

...Wouldn't You Like To Be A Flipper, Too?  

Today let's meet the hilarious Rachel of I'll Just Paint It.  She cracks me up.  You need to check out her blog.  She covers a variety of topics and writes in such a way you'll think, "Boy!  I wish she was my kooky neighbor!"  (Hhmm...I wonder if my neighborhood could handle TWO of us like that!?!)   

One day while Rachel was out loose on the town, she came across a beat up table for the price of a large McDonald's Regular Iced Coffee and some change.  $3.00 if you haven't been to Micky D's lately for one.  (Don't preach to me that Starbucks is better, I'm cheap.  And, don't put flavoring in my coffee, I won't drink it.)  

Here's the table she found...

Poor sad little table, you sure must have been gorgeous the day you were made.  Cheer up, buttercup!  Rachel is going to make you fantabulous again!  

She went to work on the table top.  It had some kind of veneer-ial diseased look to it.  

She first took a putty knife to it and then settled on her belt sander.  She was left with a pretty wood and she promptly applied about 3 coats of Minwax's Dark Walnut stain.  She then painted the bottom of the table with Annie Sloan's Old White.  She distressed it with a flexible sanding block because of all the curves.  She finished it all by using Annie Sloan's dark wax.

Want to see the after?  Of course you do!  Here it is...

And a close up of the top...

What did I tell you?  Fantabulous!!  Or fabamundo as our friend Fonzie would say!  

Here's the really fun way you are going to start your are going to go check out the variety of topics Rachel has on her I'll Just Paint It Blog.  Leave her a comment while you are there.  (I swear you people are stingy with your blog comments.  Quit being stingy!  Talk it up.  Let your fingers do the talking.)  After you are finished checking out her blog, head on over to her I'll Just Paint It Facebook page.  She has A LOT going on over there and YOU ARE MISSING IT!!   Indiana people!  She has an event coming soon you DON'T WANT TO MISS.  Check out all the info on The Vintage Marketplace coming in October in Kendallville, Indiana.  Be there or be square. 

Thanks so much Flipper!  I mean Rachel for sharing your magnificent furniture flip!

If the rest of you have a furniture flip you'd like to have featured, then email me at with a before and after pic, plus all the details.  The more details the better.  If you don't provide it, I'll make it up.  Who knows where that'll lead!  You don't have to have a business to submit a flip.  It could be for little old you and I'll brag it up.  Get a flippin'!  


  1. I have found a few cheap pieces of furniture too the past few days. A very old chair for 2.50...and an old round 2 tiered side table with spindles for 1.25...also a big plastic "Wicker" wall planter from 1973 at a yard sale for .50. Only problem is I got so excited to transform them that I forgot to take before photos...I just jumped right in and started painting...oh well, they turned out I'm happy, happy, happy!

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!! I know my comment is short, but that's all I can say:)

  3. I L.O.V.E this post! I think I'd like for you to move in next door. We can be BFFs. The people in our town and the next towns will love it when we are together!!!

    Seriously, thanks for this awesome post! With all this hilariousness, I'm going to need a nap!

    Thanks, Stephanie! This post is 10 hours old and I've received 30 new followers and someone actually commented!!! Can you believe it?!?!?! It's like I should have a party! Thanks for all the links!

    I think you're the best!

  4. Love this! Makes me more willing to peel off some veneer and see if there is something more beautiful than particle board underneath!

    1. Go for it Kala! Take before and after pics, too! Then send them to me. I've some with veneer waiting for me, too. Wish me luck!

  5. This turned out great. I love that minwax dark walnut stain!!

    1. It reminds me of the one I featured that you did Diane! Pretty color combo!

  6. What an improvement! For $3.00?? Wow, it looks fabulous! :)

    1. How about it! Makes one think before passing by what looks like a hopeless piece of furniture Debbie. :-)


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