Wednesday, September 11, 2013

She Not Only Pinned It, She Actually Made It!

You know what I'm talking about with that title!  You've whittled away hours of your day on Pinterest.  I know you have.  I bet if I checked your history on your computer RIGHT NOW, I'd get my proof.  I don't even have to do THAT!  Follow me on there today and I'll follow you back and get my proof.  How many of those "pins" have you ACTUALLY done?  

Recipes aside, I can claim stake to completing the following: 1.) I made a wreath that looked like Spring grass with daisies on it.  (By the time I found the supplies to make that, I had so much money into it I have to display it two out of four seasons for the next ten years to recoup my moolah.  Even my 12 year old son commented the other day, "Isn't that a SPRING wreath?")  2.)  I made custom t-shirts by spraying bleach over words pinned to a cheap t-shirt.  (You betcha I wear them!)  3.)  I glued pennies to a large cutout letter D.  (Major fail on that one.  I'm tempted to try and pay for something with it at the store.)  
4.) I made bookmarks that looked like the kids were hanging from a rope inside the page.  (That was cool!)  5.)  I made an apron from a pair of blue jeans.  (I wear that, too.)

Today's featured flipper didn't do any of the lame-o craft projects I'm known for making.  (I'm not saying those were lame-o, I'm saying my attempt at one or two was lame-o looking.) No, today's flipper went after a cooler project and it didn't even involve hoarding tons of toilet paper cardboard tubes.  (I eventually threw those away and never made THAT project.)

Meet Sally Littlestone of Revived London.  She saw a Typography covered chest of drawers on Pinterest that she KNEW she had to try her hand at.  

She began with this guy...

She had the drawers that went with it but snapped the pic with them out.  She painted the dresser in Annie Sloan Old White.  Once completed, she spent some time figuring out what city's names to use.  She and her husband went back and forth debating that one.  SHE won!  She printed the names out in different fonts/sizes.  Once satisfied she had it just they way she wanted, she printed them on sticky paper, cut them out, adhered them to the drawers and painted over the entire thing in Annie Sloan Graphite Black.  She let it dry thoroughly before peeling off the letters.  Once she did that, she had THIS...

Pretty darn cool!!  So cool that I think you should go to her blog, look at the directions (this lady is FUNNY) and "pin" it!  She has an awesome blog.  Here's the full tutorial on this fun flip at Revived London.  While you are there, flood her blog with a bunch of comments about how much you like this flip.  Everyone loves feedback.  Leave her a comment here, there, and everywhere.  (Just devote ten less minutes to Pinterest today and accomplish that, okay?)

For you Facebook fans, you should become a fan of Revived London's Facebook page.  Head on over there, give her a "like" and let Sally know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.   

Thanks so much Sally for sharing your incredible furniture flip!

If YOU have a furniture flip you'd like to submit, email me your befores and afters plus all the details to

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  1. I love Sally! She's very compassionate and does outstanding work! AND...she has done more than one of these dressers! I'm about to send a Cricut across the ocean!!!

    Great work, Sally!


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