Friday, November 8, 2013

She Scored A Hat Trick...

If you had triplets, would you dress them alike?  If I had them, I'd probably make them wear name tags so I could tell them apart.  I've thought about doing that with my own look-alike sons, but since there is 11 1/2 years between them, I know the shorter one is Matthew and the bearded one is Zach. 

What do look-alike siblings have to do with furniture?  Well, I'll tell you.  In today's feature you are getting a three-fer.  That's right!  I'm going to show you not one, not two, but THREE pieces today.  Their owner Joyce refers to them as the triplets.
Here they are...

Joyce, like me and my own dining room furniture, took her time before deciding what to do with these three pieces.  She scoured Pinterest and finally found a piece that inspired her.  Then she turned the triplets over to Roni of Roni's Rescued Relics.  

Joyce didn't care for the scalloped part that was on the bottom of the hanging cabinet so Roni with the help of her handsome handy husband removed it.  Then all of the pieces were cleaned and sanded.  These pieces were to be done over in a wood/paint combo.  On the parts that were left wood they used a Minwax Polyshades which has the polyurethane in with the stain.  That was used on the inside, outside and the drawers. Two different shades were used on the details of the doors and drawers. The rest was painted black and then distressed.  After all of the painting was done, Roni went over it with a wax.  The top was polyurethaned for extra durability.  

Let's take a look at the outstanding after of these triplets...

Catch me...I'm swooning.  I.  Adore.  That!!  It also makes me wish that my buffet and hutch had a little more pizazz as far as details go.  (I started my makeover of them the week before Thanksgiving LAST YEAR.  It's a case of the Cobbler's kids have no shoes when it comes to my own stuff.) 

Hey, you know what?  Even though they are dressed similarly, I can still tell them apart.  Maybe I could have handled being the mother of triplets.  We'll never know now.  

You can see more of Roni on her Roni's Rescued Relics Facebook page.  She does stunning things to furniture.  Remember her buffet turned kitchen island?  You have to check it out.   Hurry up and do it today.  In honor of their 1 year anniversary they are having a giveaway.  That means you can WIN SOMETHING!  You have until November 29, 2013 to enter that.  All of the details are on their Facebook Page.  While you are there, let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  I promise she'll do the same for you when I feature your flip.  (Hear that Roni?  Don't let me down.  Hehehehe.)

Thanks so much Roni for sharing your magnificent furniture flip and making me feel so badly because mine isn't finished.  An entire year later.  

That brings a conclusion to another whirlwind week of Furniture Interventions.  Who will we feature next week?  It could be YOU! 

Oh, and lest you think I have only boy children, here is MY look-alike, my daughter Taylor Jo.  She not only looks like me, she acts like me, too.  Which can be a very scary thing when we get together.  Now, if I can only get her to help me with the furniture...
~ Stephanie


  1. The only word for that is WOW! BEAUTY!

  2. OMG.......these are too gorgeous for words! WOW!

  3. i love two toned pieces like this. i want to fill my house with them! but that would be weird.

  4. Wow! Roni does great work, but this might one of the best!


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