Friday, February 5, 2016

To Grandmother's House We Go...

I thought I knew how I was going to approach this post today.  You see, when I get a flip submitted to me, I like to check out the subject I'm writing about.  They have taken their time to share their hard work with me and I want to write the best possible piece on them.  My longtime readers know, I interject a bit of my own life into each post, too.  To do that, I look for something about them, or their website, or their flip that sparks something in me.  Today I am introducing you to Tarah of Grandma's House DIY.

I visited her blog and started to construct Tarah's piece in my head while simultaneously singing "Happy Together" and replying to a text my husband sent me. (I'm an awesome multi-tasker.) It was coincidental to me that her name is Tarah Lynn because last night I was part of a group text message from my niece Tara Lynn.  My niece just purchased her first home and is excitedly making it her own.  She is enjoying it so much.  I am one of the Aunts she is keeping updated as she decorates her home.  Reminiscent of the time when Tara was the first child of the next generation to arrive on the scene, and we would all watch her twirl in circles and sing for us grownups, we are watching her as she takes this journey of first time home owner and delighting in every decorating decision she makes.  You've met Tara at least once before on this blog.  So, when I saw Tarah's blog I thought I would correlate the tale of two Tara(h)'s.

Then I read her blog further and not just one thing resonated with me, but so many other things did as well.  I think this is why we fall in love with a blog.  We connect with the author.  We see similarities of ourselves in them.  Yes, we may be total strangers but once we read what they are sharing we relate to them.  

Tarah's Grandma's House

Tarah and her guy Joe are renovating her grandparent's farmhouse.  It is the house her grandparents called home and where her mother was raised.  They have graciously opened the doors to this house and let us follow along.  

Presley and Ma
While reading of Tarah's Grandma's house, I think of my own house.  Here my three siblings and I were raised and this is where I raised (raising) my own three children.  I may still be in the "mom" category with one child at home, but I also became Grandma Steffie almost 18 months ago.  Which means in young Presley's eyes, this is now "Grandma's house" or "Ma" as he calls me.  My hope is that Presley will have fond memories of the times he has and will spend here visiting "Ma & Pa".  I also wouldn't mind if he took whatever furniture of mine that may end up as his and puts his own spin on it.  (Presley, about the house - don't swap out our big windows with smaller versions.  Don't get rid of the clawfoot tub.  It's original!  Keep the integrity of the outside & remember Ma's rule on shutters.  Or, I'll haunt you.  Well, I'll be doing that anyway.)

Jack's Grandparents, his mother, and aunt.
So many special feelings are tied to our grandparents.  I correspond with my friend's 80 year old uncle Jack.  His late grandparents built the house we own and they raised their 9 children here.  Jack has many fond memories of being here as a child and an adult.  He shares stories and pictures of this place with me.  I now treasure his memories as well as my own.  I'll have to tell you someday what I have learned about our house.  I find old homes and their stories fascinating.  

Photo Courtesy of Grandma's House DIY
While "Grandma's House" makes up two-thirds of the title of the blog, we mustn't forget the DIY part.  The house is not the only thing that is featured on their blog.  Tarah writes, "By the spring of 2013 I had lost both of my grandmas and had a garage full of ancient furniture and so much sadness I could barely breathe. It seemed there was only one thing for me to do: I started refinishing every last piece."  These pieces are featured as well.   

Today, we will take a look at this old radio cabinet.  Tarah said she knew what she wanted for her kitchen.  Her list of wants were a red kitchen island with a butcher block top and it had to be on wheels.  It took her awhile to figure out this would fit the bill.  

Many times, I have been sent a picture of a similar radio cabinet as a "What Would You Do?" feature on our Facebook page.  They all have the same thoughts that Tarah had, "If you stand it against a wall it is either useless as a shelf or you have to face the prettiest part of the whole piece to the wall."  

Tarah went to work transforming this into her ideal kitchen island.  It would serve as a work station and also house her cookbook collection.  She sturdied the piece up, painted it the red she wanted, added a base, a butcher block top and then wheels.

Here's the back...

and take a look at the front.

You can read all of the steps Tarah took on her Grandma's House DIY blog.  

While you are there, please read the story of her grandparents.  So sweet.  What a wonderful way she is honoring them.  

There are a LOT of tips and tutorials on their blog.  You will find yourself spending some time there.  Don't say I didn't warn you!  Head over to her Facebook page and let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin' too! 

Thanks so much Tarah for sharing your fantastic furniture flip!  It's also a great new use for an old object.  I will see you on Twitter lady!

That wraps up another week of Furniture Flippin'.  What do you think about that?  See!  I was true to my word.  I'm back and I just delivered 7 new furniture flips to prove it!  There will be five more next week.  If you haven't submitted yours yet, please email me before/after pics and all the details you'd like to share to .

If you have already submitted your flip, please know I've seen it and I'm not ignoring you.  I get a lot of them.  It takes me awhile to feature everyone.  So, don't get mad at me.  Your number will be up soon.  I seldom know more than a day ahead of time, who I will feature next. You can always touch base with me again, too, if you have something special going on (sales event or if it's your birthday).  Until then...
Have a great weekend!
~ Stephanie


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