Monday, February 8, 2016

One Door Closes...

...and another one opens.  And, still another one languishes outside with his buddy against a wall not doing a gosh darn thing.  (I know some guys like that, too.)

Well, that's about to change!  Because Joanne from Funky Junk Home Decor in Newfoundland has a hold of you now and she has a deadline to meet!

Our heroine Joanne entered a local magazine's upcycling contest However, her dad fell ill and she missed the deadline by 12 short hours.  Not one to let that stop her, the project she had intended to enter went forward anyway.

(Who needs to win a stinkin' contest anyway?  I know you're a winner Joanne!  You don't need a magazine to tell you that.  Now the entire universe will know!)

Hehehe...I can hear a conversation taking place right now..."Who does this Stephanie on this little blog think she is?  Does she really think she has the eyes of the entire universe reading her blog?  She must be mad out of her mind!  I think maybe she's hitting the bottle!"  Well, let me tell you MOM!  Maybe I do!  Just maybe I do!  Would that be so hard to believe?  Just kidding.  My mom doesn't read the blog. 

Joanne took the door & headboard and set about transforming them into the ultimate upcycled piece.  She cut the headboard in half to use as the sides.   

For the seat she used an old board that was too damaged on one side to do much else with.  Never fear - underside it went!  Unless you are up under that chair dusting you're never going to notice that.  (Because let's face it, who has time to dust under their furniture?  Not me!  Maybe you do, and if that's the case, come on over!  I've got a whole houseful of furniture with your name written all over it in dust.)  

My Matthew
Oh!  That reminds me!  I have to tell you about a few weeks ago when I asked my 14 year old son to dust the dining room furniture.  I call it Teen Lesson #1 For 2016 - if your mom asks you to dust then do it correctly without complaint. Why? Because if you give attitude you will find yourself assigned a different job, in another room, that has a door that can be closed so your complaints can't be heard. Such was the scenario on that day. The end result? Mom did the dusting. The teenager? He had to thoroughly clean the bathroom - toilet, tub, sink, mirrors, floor, woodwork, etc. Lesson learned. 
As Matthew Saw Me When He Was 7

Some days dear readers its so much fun to be the Mom!

Back to the flip.  Joanne painted this with Country Chic Paint in licorice and added a few hooks plus a place to pin notes and photos.  

Check it out!
Isn't that great?  Knock, knock!  Who's there?  A door.  A door, who?  A-door-iable that's who!  Because it is!  It's both fun and functional!  

I love it!  Thanks so much Joanne for sharing your upcycled furniture flip!  I agree with Joanne that it makes a great entry piece.  Might I suggest that it would also be a great place to write, "You're Grounded" when your kids come home late one night.  It'd be the first thing they see when they walk in the door.

You can find Joanne on her Funky Junk Home Decor Facebook page.  There you will also get to see much more of her awesome talent on display.  She also has a store in Newfoundland and their grand opening was this past weekend!  She is also not only a user, but she's a dealer of Country Chic Paint, too.  Go check her out.  Tell her you saw her on Furniture Flippin'. 

This week is off to a great start.  Have you submitted your flip yet?  We have some wonderful ones coming your way this week.  If you'd like to share your furniture flip, just email me at .  Before/after pics and all of the info you'd like to share.  
Have a great Monday!
~ Stephanie 


  1. Joanne is very talented with décor - where most people see junk, she envisions something else. She could easily excel as a personal interior decorator and am sure she will do well with her store and classes.


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