Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chairs To A Job Well Done!

It's Two-fer Tuesday!  That's right.  Today you are being treated to not just one, but two flips!  And are they ever good ones!  If you know me at all, you know I hate working on chairs.  Hate it.  Dislike it even more than I dislike French Provincial furniture.  (Though you Furniture Flippers have shown me some pretty spectacular FPF flips and I've softened a bit on the style because of you.)  Well, today we get to sit back and watch the outcome of another's hard work on a couple of "seen better days" chairs.

We're heading to Florida and checking in with Amanda of Reloved Home Designs.  Long time readers (those before my almost two year hiatus) might remember Amanda from her other appearances on the blog.  The first time we met her she had updated a cabinet she found for $20. The next time we stopped in she had made over a chair that still brings them into the blog.  (Seriously, it was a high traffic source just yesterday.) This time Amanda was on the lookout for a chair to complete her daughter's bedroom makeover when she found this chair on a local yard sale page.  She kept putting this one off because she felt a little intimidated by it.  She had upholstered dining room chairs many times, but never attempted an entire upholstery job like this chair would require.  After finishing up all of the other pieces for the room the time had come.  She couldn't put it off any longer.  

Amanda writes, "My daughter is an aspiring famous writer, which was the inspiration for the first piece of fabric.  Her color scheme for her room is a creamy white, burgundy and black.  I painted it in Annie Sloan Old White.  I clear waxed it and dark waxed the details to make them pop."

Amanda contracted with Loomcraft to sew the cushion piece and then she did the rest of the upholstering.  

Readers - be ready.  If you are standing then you might want to pull a chair close to catch you when you swoon at the sight of this completed chair.  It's beyond words beautiful.  Ready?

And now the back of it...

Don't you love it?  I do!  I want her daughter to tire of it and sell it to me!  Amanda jokes that this beautiful chair now resides in her daughter's room where it is spending it's days holding her clean laundry.  

Which reminds me, every time I see a used exercise bike or treadmill for sale, I wonder why the seller doesn't market it differently.  I mean, who are we fooling?  It's going to end up as a place to hang your clothes in a few weeks, so sell it that way!  Geesh...while we are at it, the Super Bowl 50 commercials were horrible and I'd fire the ad agencies that wrote them and hire me for next year!  I could do a better job. 

On to Flip #2!  Inspired by the gorgeous handiwork she achieved on the "Writer's Chair", she was eager to start another one.  Along came an old guy named Ethan Allen.  She found him on Craigslist where he had placed an ad looking for someone to take him home.  

Amanda's first stop after purchasing him was Loomcraft to find some inspiring fabric to set this makeover in motion.  This took hours.  I can totally understand that, looking at every last piece of fabric.  Yesterday I was heading out to the store.  My husband usually goes with me shopping.  He thought about staying home this time.  "Do you want me to go with you?", he asked.  "Well, let's put it this way.  I'll spend more money if you don't go with me.", I replied.  That sealed the deal.  He went with me.  Eh, it was only groceries and I had a categorized list with me organized by section that I was determined to stick to.  (What can I say?  I like his company.) 

Amanda chose a floral fabric first and then from there chose her complementing pieces of fabric.  Once home, she placed the fabric on her color chart to determine a chair color.  She wound up using a color mix that someone else created and had named Vintage Kitchen.  It's a mix of Annie Sloan Antibes Green, Old White and French Linen.  She paid Loomcraft to sew the cushion while she went to work on the chair.  

Okay, are you ready for the second reveal?  Here we go!

And the back...

I'm in love with that one, too!  I think Amanda has made me change my opinion about the possibility of working on more chairs.  If they were to turn out even half as good as hers have, I'd be happy.  Beautiful work Amanda!  

You can find Amanda in her Reloved Home Designs Etsy shop as well as on her Facebook page.  You are going to want to follow her page.  She does amazing work.  You will be inspired.  Or intimidated, which in that case, just buy what she has finished!  You know it'll be good and you won't have to be stressed out.  

Two days of flips down and three more to go this week!  Get your flip in!  Email me at furnitureflippin@gmail.com .  
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie

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