Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hoarders - Furniture Edition

Oh, Chris Reed, I had high hopes for your furniture addiction and your tendency to not let go of the pieces you've flipped.  Remember, dear readers, when I showed you this piece that Chris had stripped, flipped and then gave it the bird?  Remember when I told you then (clear back in August, 2013) that she had a problem and was finally ready to kick those birdies out of the nest?  Well, like any furniture junkie, she's not quite over her obsession. 

Case in point:  this piece she picked up at her local Habitat For Humanity ReStore last Fall.  (YES!  Last FALL.  See?  Right after I ran her piece last year.  Tsk, tsk Chris...) 

I have to say I applaud Chris' efforts in saving this piece.  She told me it was in dire straits.  Somebody had put a < < < faux finish on it that wasn't cutting it.  We've seen good faux finishes here and bad ones.  This one was not of the good variety.  It also sported a backer board that was smelly, moldy and warped.  (I'm like Chris, that's the EXACT kind of piece that would tug at my heartstrings.  I wouldn't have been able to walk away from it either.  I'd be thinking, "If I don't buy it, WHO WILL?" - kind of like that stuffed blue Easter bunny with one ear I told you about awhile back.) 

Chris lugged it home and the first thing that went was the backer board.  Then she sanded the entire piece trying to remove as much of the faux finish as possible.  (That picture above is after sanding and after the backer board was removed.)  Her next step was
to fashion a new back from lathe strips.  Since the bookshelf only came with two shelves, she had her friends at Lowe's cut her new shelves.  

On to the painting.  She did a wash over the lathe pieces using American Paint Company's Surfboard mixed with some Home Plate.  For the new shelves, they received a wash of APC's Sackcloth, from the Ellis Collection.  The old shelves got Sackcloth full on, to cover what was left of the faux finish. The outer part of the bookcase was decked out in APC's Home Plate with some crackling here and there.  

Let's take a look at the entire finished piece...

You may be asking yourself, "Did she sell this one or did she keep it?"  Wonder no more.  She kept it.  It's now holding her collection of paint.  Chris needs to just admit that she runs a Halfway House for furniture.  Some pieces may never leave, while others will.  

Chris is based in Kalamazoo, Michigan but she partners up with her sister (who is based in Chicago) and together they make up "Tattered Bird Treasures".  While I don't have a website to direct you to yet, dear readers, as soon as they start one, I'll be sure and let you know.  In the meantime, please feel free to leave your comments here for Tattered Bird Treasures.  

Thanks so much Chris for sharing your fantastic furniture flip! 

Can you believe the month of April is over at midnight tonight?  Where have these last four months went?  2014 is flying by.  If you haven't submitted your furniture flip yet, please get right on that, will ya?  Email me before/after pics and plenty of details to .  Hurry up!  2015 will be here before you know it.  
See you tomorrow!
Go make a basket, hang it on your neighbor's front door knob, ring the bell and run tomorrow!
~ Stephanie 


  1. I would have kept it, too! Love it!

  2. I love this piece..great save! Do they sell in Kzoo? I'd love to see their stuff in person and they're my neighbors!

  3. I would have bought that too! (And kept it). It's lovely!! I'm looking forward to a website or FB page to follow Chris and see what she does next. That dresser was one of my favorite things that you've featured.

    1. I'll keep you posted Sharon. I loved that bird dresser, too!

  4. First the dresser, since I didn't see it originally: Totally something I would love!!!

    And the bookcase - my, but i love the lathe! So easy and inexpensive, not to mention just plain fun! Good work Chris.

    (And I have a furniture warehouse in my basement. When I get tired of something or want to change up the decorating, I go down to see what's there. I guess you could say I'm a hoarder of furniture. . .)


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