Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The View Outside Her Window...

It's almost warm enough for porch sitting at Durdanation.  (That's the title of my not yet a reality show starring me and whoever crosses my path.)  From my view on the back porch I can set my clock by a guy who rides his bike past every single day at 4:38pm.  Same guy, same bike, same basket on the bike carrying a case of beer.  I'm pretty sure it's NOT the same case of beer in that basket every day though.  I feel like I'm in an episode of "Groundhog Day" when I see him.  If I move to the front porch, (where the Triple Rocker resides) I get a steady stream of people going past.  There is usually a guy on a unicycle that rides by.  (There are TWO guys in our town who ride unicycles.)  There is a couple that walk by for exercise every evening.  They walk to the corner, turn around and head back.  I know that the wife will not head back until she taps the telephone pole first.  

As far as animals go, we have rabbits, squirrels and birds.  We've never had anything stroll by like Sherri from {Simply Paint It} encounters in her town.  

Check out what meandered into her neck of the woods one day.  Sherri said that was a Baby Moose and not even a grown one.  I can't imagine.  The closest thing we had like that in our neighborhood was a lady riding her horse down the sidewalk.  At the time I saw that, I wondered if she carried a big pooper scooper and a plastic bag like dog owners have to.  

But, this isn't about the large oversized animals that Sherri shares her town with or the cast of characters that reside in my community.  Nope.  This is about Furniture Flippin' (as the blog name implies) and what Sherri did to this nondescript entry table.  

Sherri got her hands on this table and knew it needed a bit of color to spruce it up.  She chose Old Town Paints in the shade of Avocado Green.  After painting, she lightly distressed it and gave it a coat of glaze.

Let's take a look at the after...

Tada!  {Simply Paint It}!?!  I'd say it's SIMPLY FABULOUS!  This isn't the first time I've shown you Sherri's work.  Remember this piece?  

Sherri is currently based in Alaska.  She's been super busy.  Go check out her {Simply Paint It} Facebook page to see all that she has been up to!  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  

Thanks so much Sherri for making the world of Furniture Flippin' a better place.  Keep on flippin' on!  

Dear readers, I shortchanged you again this week.  If you are followers of our Facebook page then you know I was busy over the weekend.  So busy.  Stripping paint off of 14 drawers, one desk and three sides of a dresser.  I should have listened to my mother when she told me not to be grow up and be a stripper.  Stripping sucks!  Especially stripping 5 layers of paint from a dresser.  Let's see, there was light blue, dark blue, peach, cream, white...I think that's all of the colors I encountered.  So, that is why you were not shown a new flip yesterday.  4 out of 5 days won't be bad though.  We'll get through the week.  I can't say the same for my stiff neck or sore shoulders. 
I'll see YOU tomorrow!
~ Stephanie


  1. Such a great piece of furniture and Sherri sure did a great job making it look stunning.

  2. Good work Sherri!
    And yes, that is a baby moose. The grown ones are . . . well, the best description I can come up with that people can relate to is:
    take the biggest cow you have ever seen
    add 2' to the height, length and neck
    that's close.
    The response is usually stunned silence, then 'wow!'


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