Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Don't Know What YOU Call It...

...but I call it BEAUTIFUL!

Today's featured furniture flip is a, well, I don't quite know what to call it.  Don't think TOO BADLY of me, because the very talented Sherri from {Simply Paint It} didn't know what to call it either!  (So there!)  Other than gone because it sold practically IMMEDIATELY once it was completed.

What is it?  Here's the before...


Sherri said it was so ugly she questioned why she even rescued it.  Always up for a challenge, she tackled this project head-on.   She painted it with CeCe Caldwell clay & chalk based paints. The first layer was done in Vermont Slate, followed by Smokey Mountain for the final top coat.  She then distressed and waxed it.  Finally, the two table tops were done with a satin finish for a more durable finish.  The glass was replaced with chicken wire and the piece was transformed.

Once completed this piece quickly became Sherri's FAVORITE flip and I can see why!

Check out this former ugly duckling now...

She's quite the beauty now and she proudly spends her days in her new owner's dining room.

That just further reinforces what all of us furniture flippers know, even the ugly ones can turn pretty darn fantastic given the right makeover by the right person.  

Sherri just isn't a furniture flipper she is also a CeCe Caldwell retailer.  You can visit with Sherri at her Facebook page {Simply Paint It} for more details.

Thanks Sherri for letting us feature your lovely furniture flip!  


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