Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fee, Fie, Foe, Fum! I Smell The Paint Of A Wee Little One...

...So, said the giant, all 7 feet of him standing there in his new home.  

He could sense her.  
He knew she was about.  
Where she stood, he could not scout.  
But she would appear, he had no doubt.  
She was determined, to get the brown out!

Thus begins our tale of little 4 foot 9 and 3/4 inch Kimberly of Pretty 'N Chic Furniture and her 7 foot towering hutch.  Kimberly was given this hutch AND a table for FREE with just one stipulation from the previous owner..."DO NOT TELL ME WHAT YOU SELL THEM FOR!" 

Kimberly admits to being intimidated by the sheer size of this piece.  She thought of playing it safe and going with a color that would sell quickly, but instead she threw caution to the wind and went with Annie Sloan's Emperor's Silk and Graphite.  

Luckily for Kimberly, the hutch was flawless and the makeover was a smooth one.  She did have to enlist the help of the taller people in her world to look up high and make sure she covered everything.  When it came time to wax this big boy, she had her own handsome handy husband help.  You gotta love a guy willing to help his wife re-do furniture, don't you?  We've met a lot of them here, too!  

I'm sorry, Kimberly, I'm picturing you redoing this ginormous piece of furniture and can't help but suggest that before you tackle another flip this tall, that you install a cable and hoist in your home.  You could strap into it, your husband can pull you up high and you can swing back and forth over the furniture, swiping brush strokes of paint as you pass by.  It would further enhance the story telling next time I feature you, too, because then instead of Jack and The Beanstalk, I could channel Tinkerbell.  (I know Kimberly has a GREAT sense of humor and doesn't take offense at my attempts at wit.)  

Back to our tale...

Once the brown was completely banished from the Giant's world...he looked like this...

So he stands today. 

No longer grouchy, no longer gruff.
No longer brown, she had called his bluff.
Standing so proudly, all dressed in red,
he looked exactly like, she had pictured in her head.  

And tho the project is complete, 
before we make a hasty retreat,
this hutch is offered to you for sale,
and the one with the money will prevail.   

If this is something you'd consider, 
go talk to Kimberly at Pretty 'N Chic Furniture to be a bidder.
Though an auction it is not,
an offer proffered means this could be bought. 

Thank you Kimberly for letting us feature your superb furniture flip!

Thanks to all of YOU who indulged me as I tried to bust through my writer's block with a little bit of whimsy today.  


  1. I'm the "we little one" thank you for sharing my flip!

  2. Love the color!!! That came out awesome!!

  3. I love the color!! What a beautiful piece!

  4. Beautiful! I love the colors.


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