Thursday, May 1, 2014

Shellac(s)! You Turn Out Gorgeous!

Well, Mr. Duncan Phyfe you had seen better days.  At one time you were scratch free and brand new.  As with all of us, as time goes on, we lose our luster and deep lines start to appear.  Oh, how I wish it were so easy for us humans to become as youthful in appearance as it is for you and the furniture sect you hang out with it.  That's not to diminish the work that Gina from Re-inVintage did to you.  Because it wasn't without effort that you became gorgeous again.  Let's take a look at how Gina found you...

Gina says "there wasn't much wrong with it as is, except for a few deep scratches. I personally didn't think the finish showed it's true beauty and gorgeous grain through all of the "shellackedness".  Yeah, that's a word...I promise."  (Readers - if you use that word credit Gina.  That way if someone says it's not a real word then you can blame her.  Remember, that veneer-ial disease in relation to bad veneer is totally MINE though you are free to use that word, too.)

Gina painted the base and pretty legs with a pale icy blue shade. 

The top was then sanded...a lot.  She hand scraped it for a more rustic appearance. 

Finally, she stained it in a rich, custom mix and poly'd him up. 

She left the original drawer pull after oil rubbing it a bit. 

Let's take another look at the finished table...

Told ya!  Gorgeous!  Re-inVintage is located at Sisters Cottage in Jacksonville, Florida located at 4159 Oxford Avenue.  Isn't that shop adorable?  Gina says the mission of her business is upcycles with a {Re} a portion of the profits benefit charity.  She is also working on a line of pieces called the "Survivors Collection".  These will be pieces that she's refurbished and will donate to victims that are transitioning out of domestic violence shelters.  Gina feels that is her calling.  (How awesome is that?)

You can see more of Gina's work on her Re-inVintage Facebook page.  Get over there and make her day today.  She's recovering from a car accident she had this week so she can use our cheering up.  Let's try and push her likes to over 1,000, too!  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  Remember when I showed you this piece last October?

Thanks so much Gina for sharing your gorgeous furniture flip!

Dear readers, one more flip left this week.  Is it yours? It could very well be...if you've sent one in.

See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie 


  1. Beautiful flip! Love the hand scraped top.

  2. Love that color combination, it looks gorgeous. Once again I've been inspired.

  3. Be still my heart! My favorite furniture style. She did a beautiful job.

  4. Your table looks amazing! I just found a Duncan Phyfe table at a second hand shop. The top is scratched and has some water marks, but the drop leafs are in good shape. I was told the top has a veneer top. Did yours have a veneer top? I'm just wondering how it will look if I sand it or distress it since it has a veneer top. Any ideas? Thanks for any guidance you can provide.


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