Monday, August 19, 2013

She Stripped It, Flipped It And Gave It The Bird...

...actually TWO birds.

Meet Chris Reed from Kalamazoo, Michigan.  She has a love for furniture flipping and a slight problem with it, too.  She wants to keep everything she finishes.  She's getting over that addiction though, slowly but surely, and is starting to kick those little birdies out of the nest.  

Recently Chris found this sad and forlorn piece of furniture in dire need of some help...

Pretty rough.  Here's the top before...

Also, beat up.  But, look!  What's that peeking out from under that paint?  Looks like what could be some pretty wood.  You'll have to wait to find out...

Chris had her work cut out for her on this small buffet.  She completely stripped the whole thing down.  Then she  did the sides with Pittsburg Gray mixed with a bit of Old Ocre (undercoat was Virginia Chestnut mixed with Pittsburg Gray).  She dry brushed on some Young Kansas Wheat and Dover.  She did one drawer in Georgia Clay with a touch of Barcelona dry brushed.  Another drawer was finished in Amber Waves of Grain with some Georgia Clay & Beach Glass.  The third drawer was completed in Beach Glass and Surfboard.  The door was made over in Momma's Lipstick and Pink Lady.  Then she switched out the knobs on it to some pretty cool looking ones.  

Let's check out this reveal...



And, let's take a look at the hardware...

I think that is "swagtastic"!  (Thanks Jorie for that word!  That's the first time I've ever used it.)  Swagtastic, indeed!!

Fantastic job Chris!  Now, all of you Furniture Flippin' readers who I love so are going to have to come thru for our flippin' friend Chris today.  She doesn't have a business page set up so you are going to have to leave your words of encouragement for her either here on the blog or on our Furniture Flippin' Facebook page.  Find the link to this flip and post them there.  Chris would do the same for you!  Remember, we ALWAYS pay it forward.  

Thanks so much Chris Reed of Kalamazoo, Michigan for sharing your awesomely cool furniture flip!  


  1. This is fantastically fun and so very colorful!! I absolutely love it! Great job Chris! =)Big Kudos from Laura of Milk-Can Maddy! =)

  2. I can't believe that beautiful wood grain was underneath there! Gorgeous!

  3. It's super cool! Great work! And that top!!! Gorg!

  4. just beautiful!!!!!

  5. What a beautiful job! And look at what was found under all that paint on the top! Wise decision to leave the top natural. That type of grain is very rare these days. I would not have thought to have done the drawers in different colors, but I will keep that in mind, now!

  6. Awesome job!! It's definitely swagtastic!


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