Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Bird On The Table...

...is worth money in your hand.  Oh, that's not how that saying goes?  Well, I think you better check with Kristina of Stained and Striped.   She might tell you different.

Kristina describes herself as a wife to one and mother to two.  She loves to redo furniture in her spare time and sells her wares at the Hoity-Toity Peacock in Brenham, Texas.

One day Kristina decided to tackle this coffee table...

She loved having a blank canvas with this piece of furniture and initially planned on doing a Martha Stewart stencil on it.  She soon scrapped that idea after she noticed the stenciling wasn't quite turning out the way she wanted.  

It was on to Plan B.  She stripped and sanded the stenciling off.  She called a quick meeting with the creative minds at The Hoity-Toity Peacock and together they decided to fly off in a whole new direction with this coffee table.  

Are you ready to see what they came up with?

Here you go!
This fun and up-to-date coffee table sold almost immediately.  It sold so quickly that they now have a running joke that when something doesn't sell all they have to do is "put a bird on it".  

Did you spot the two little birdies kissing?  So cute!  I love how the wood slats look like wires the birds are resting on.  

To see more of Kristina's work, head on over to her Stained and Striped Facebook page.  Give her a "like" and let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  For those of you who live in her area, stop in and  see her items in person at the Hoity-Toity Peacock.

Thanks Kristina for sharing your superb furniture flip!


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