Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Feel Badly For The Woman Who Sits In Front Of This Beauty...

...because no matter how hard she tries to expertly apply her face paint, she will ALWAYS be upstaged by the splendidness of this Waterfall vanity.  How can you win when the odds are stacked against you like that?  She might as well go back to bed!  I'll have you know, she can thank Dawn from Primitive Dragonfly for that!  But, I'm ahead of myself.  Let's take a look at the before of today's featured flip.

When Dawn got her hands on this dated and in worse condition than the picture belies vanity, she knew she could repair it and make it into something pretty spectacular.  

One side of it was broken during a move by the previous owner.  Dawn was able to fix it.  She added brackets to both sides that she rescued from an old radio cabinet she found on the side of the road.  They serve a dual purpose, they add more stability and dress it up a bit.  

The body of the vanity was painted a turquoise color, lightly distressed, dark waxed, highlighted with gold and lowlighted with cream.  The top of the vanity had veneer that had to be removed, it was in such poor condition, and Dawn added a  very nice high end vinyl for one more layer of luxury.  Dawn, like most of us furniture flippers, tends to hoard furniture parts and accessories, so she reached into her stash and pulled out the most beautiful set of handles to finish her off in high style.  

Let's take a gander at this "Are you pretty enough to sit in front of me?" vanity now...

And her gorgeous new to her handles...

Told ya!  Gorgeous!!  I'm feeling anxious now just looking at it.  I'm sitting here in my pajamas with bedhead* and if that piece of luxury furniture was sitting in my room mocking my appearance, I don't know what I'd do.  I guess I'd probably hire a fulltime special effects makeup artist so I could compete with it.  (*It's 5:00 AM so don't YOU judge me, too!  I don't stay this way all day!  And you'll never catch me at Kroger in my pj's either!  BTW, milk is still on sale there thru today.) 

You can go visit with our friend Dawn on her Primitive Dragonfly Facebook page.   Get over there, give her a "like" and let her know you saw her fabulous makeover on Furniture Flippin'.  If you find yourself in Indiana, you can meet her in person this September at the Earth Festival in Atlanta, Indiana where she plans on having a booth.  

Thanks Dawn for sharing your awesome furniture flip!  She's a real beauty!


  1. This vanity is simply gorgeous! I love how she used spare parts to fix it up, they really do compliment it. Debbie :)

  2. Thank you Miss Debbie! I really appreciate it! ....Dawn....

  3. Nice job! Love the blue and white contrast.


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