Friday, August 16, 2013

My Gawd Awful In-Law's Nightstand...

...okay, that title is a little misleading.   It's actually the nightstands that were gawd awful and not the sister-in-law who was the owner of them.  

Meet KBB of Porch Productions.  She has a sister-in-law she loves who owned two nightstands she hated.  KBB to the rescue!  

Here's one of the ugly buggers before...

I'm sorry but that really is an ugly nightstand.  

KBB got right into tackling this project.  To remove the finish she tried sanding.  Didn't work.  She tried a spray stripper.  Worked a little.  Finally, she had to pull out the big in heat gun.  That combined with a whole lot of sanding finally worked.  

She handpainted the piece using Sherwin-Williams Macadamia latex in a flat finish.   She then distressed it a little bit with her Mouse (200-grit) and then used a fine sanding block all over to even out the finish. This was before she used FAT Paint (she's a dealer AND a user), so she used TLC clear wax as the finish.

Are you ready for the reveal?

Here ya go...

Pretty, pretty, PRETTY!!  Much better!  I'd say it was worth all of that extra effort to get them looking so fantastic.  Her sister-in-law thought so, too.  At least for the little bit of time she got to enjoy them before her mother staked claim to them and stole them!  Hehehe.  

To see more pictures of this nightstand makeover go check out Porch Productions Facebook album which is chock full of during pics.  If you live in the Atlanta, Georgia area, you can find Porch Productions at Brown's Crossing Antique Market outside of Peachtree City.  Finally, go visit with KBB, learn about FAT Paint, and follow her adventures on her Porch Productions Facebook Page. Let her know you saw here on Furniture Flippin'!

Thanks KBB for sharing your superb furniture flip!


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