Thursday, August 15, 2013

Meet The Miracle Workers...

...they are the husband and wife team of Buddy and Dawn from Salpeck's Furniture Service.  They pretty much can do it all.  They repair, refinish, and refurbish.  Not just furniture either!  Nope, this can do it couple also works their magic repairing marble, stone, granite and hardwood floors.  (Dang!  And I thought my handsome handy husband could do everything!  Guess not.  I don't see any marble, stone, or granite on this property.  Sorry, honey, but I don't!)

Let's take a look at the before of today's featured flip...

You can tell that desk has seen a lot of use over the course of it's lifetime.  I can just picture a child sitting there.  He (Zachary) is complaining about having to do his homework with his mother standing over him, her hair is slowly (read: quickly) turning gray and her nerves rapidly breaking.  She is pushed to her limit and finally says to him, "That's it!!  If you don't do your homework right now, you will be held back!  Do you want to be the only 8th grader at graduation with a full beard?  That's what will happen if you don't get it done!  You won't graduate, you'll be stuck there forever and people will mistake you for a teacher!  NOW DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!" 

Oh, sorry, I'm still recovering from the trauma of getting my oldest child through school.  You'll be glad to know he did graduate with his 8th grade class and a few months later he was the only freshman that could grow a full beard.  OVERNIGHT.  He's now a self-sufficient adult WITH an awesome beard.

Back to the amazing transformation of this battered desk and chair.  It showed up at Salpeck's Furniture Service and it was under their tutelage that it turned into this...

That looks brand new!!  What an incredible renewal of this fine piece of furniture.  

Salpeck's Furniture Service is located in Wake County, North Carolina.  You can see more of their work on the Salpeck's Furniture Service website.  You can visit with them as well on their Facebook page.  Give them a "like" and let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'.  (Pay it forward, people)

Thanks so much Dawn and Buddy for sharing your marvelous furniture flip!


  1. Salpecks does an awesome job..... I have witnessed first hand repairs that I didn't think were possible and after Buddy gets at a piece you would never know there was damage!

  2. I agree Joey! Our pitbull chewed the edge of an antique Lane chest, and I was heartbroken. I kept our dog, called the Salpeck's, and magic happened!! You cannot tell even down to the detailing that this ever happened!! :) I am in AWE of how much quality is in their pieces...beautiful down to the details. Way to go Salpeck's Furniture Service!!

  3. I agree with Joey & Jason. I am Buddy's sister & I can tell you that my brother has a special talent when it comes to fixing things. He takes after my dad. When something broke in the Salpeck house, my dad was always there to fix it. One summer I asked my brother to show me how to refinish my bedroom furniture. It took me ALL summer to complete the project! That was the hardest thing I have ever done. Buddy is a hard worker & it shows in his work.


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